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No description

Elizabeth Baldwin

on 18 November 2016

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Transcript of Nematodes

Facts about nematodes
Humans host at least 50 species
Can be used for biological control
most numerous multicellular animals on earth
most nematodes spend at least part of their life cycle in the soil.
not closely related to true worms.
nearly 20,000 described species classified in the phylum Nemata
Many nematodes are able to suspend their life processes completely when conditions become unfavorable
They can survive extreme drying, heat, or cold, and then return to life when favorable conditions return.
Work Cited
Campbell, Neil A. Biology: Concepts and Connections. San Francisco: Pearson Custom/Benjamin Cummings, 2009. Print.
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Presented by Elizabeth Baldwin

thread-like, cylindrical bodies
bilaterally symmetrical
Embryo w/ 3 tissue layers
tough layers that cover the nematode (cuticles)
head of a nematode has a few tiny sense organs
mouth opening into a muscular pharynx where food is pulled in and crushed
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