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Solar Energy

No description

Michael Campos

on 12 October 2014

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Transcript of Solar Energy


Topics to be Covered
The Problem
In California...It's Worse
Maintenance and replacement of current energy infrastructure (Energy and Environmental Economics, 19)

California Renewables Portfolio Standard (Energy and Environmental Economics, 19)

Drought (EIA)

47% increase over 16 years (Energy and Environmental Economics, 19)
The Solution
Solar Panel Energy
Esmy Garcia
Ricardo Contreras
Michael Campos
Carlos Paz
Sam Jarvis
Background Information:
Energy Sources
Not Used Locally
Negative Effects of Petroleum Energy
Emits carbon dioxide

Negative Effects of Nuclear Energy
Benefits of Solar Panels
Saves Money In The Long-Run
Cost of Solar System
Works Cited
Non Renewable
Drilling Can Lead To Spills
Endangers The Environment
Water Use
We are offering a solution to be eco-friendly and, at the same time, more efficient with energy by installing a "solar system" for the main campus of Allan Hancock College. By installing a solar system on campus, greenhouse gases would be eliminated from the atmosphere. Over time, the school would also save thousands of dollars by conserving energy.
Rising Electricity Rates
Background Information
-Types of energy in existence
-Energy sources not used locally
-Negative effects of locally used sources

The problem with traditional electricity.

The solution to traditional energy

Benefits of solar panels
-Cost of Solar System

Natural gas
No more electric bill; just pay off panels
-Campus uses about 542 kWh/month
-3,613 Watts system required
-20 255 W panels, with inverter, power optimizer and monitoring portal costs
$8,957 sold by Wholesale Solar

Campus uses about 390,000 kW/month costing almost $19,000/month
Unused energy gets credited
Installation cost about $4.60/W
Buckey, Kathleen A. Personal interview. 31 July 2014.

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Lab, 12 Aug. 2013. Web. 04 Aug. 2014. <http://newscenter.lbl.gov/2013/08/12/installed-price-of-solar-photovoltaic-systems-in-the-u-s-continues-to-decline-at-a-rapid-pace/>.

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Although it can be a long process to get a solar system up and running, it is cost effective in the long run. After all the permits have been filed and approved, the campus will be self-sufficient, while saving money and the earth. The savings can then be used to improve school programs or complete construction projects.
Types of Energy in Existence
San Luis Obispo Tribune
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