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Christina Lidberg

on 8 March 2014

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Transcript of Samsung

Samsung Values
Teleological Model
Insider Perspective
SAMSUNG, the Company
NEO - Skype video interview with management

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3
What is our next course of action?

Group discussion on recommendations
What is happening here?

Major shift in business strategy from “fast follower” to “first mover” – become a company focused on innovation

Innovation required recruitment of a very employees with diverse backgrounds and experience

Chief Learning officer identified a need to change the NEO program so that the company could become more innovative while maintaining the Single Samsung culture
Maintaining the "Single Samsung" Spirit

New Challenges in a Changing Environment
Target Welcome
History :
- One of the oldest continuous civilization

- In 1954, South Korea became the second-poorest
country in the world due to Japanese invasion

- South Korea focused on its human resources
and pursued a National Human Resources
Development (NHRD) policy

- Democratization and industrialization provided
a solid foundation for rapid growth

- One of the most technologically advanced and
digitally connected countries in the world
- The 15th-largest economy in the world
Samsung had been a major catalyst for South Korea's remarkable economic growth
Samsung's sales contributed 18 percent of the national GDP in 2006

IN 2007
Revenue: $162 Billion (U.S. Dollars)
Employees: 263,000 in 68 countries around the world
Desired Culture
fast, dynamic, flexible, and performance-oriented

open to ideas, technology, and innovation from the outside

encouraged knowledge sharing and transfer through recruiting and networking

foster cooperation among various functional organizations


Established in 1982 to foster its commitment to employee development and played an important role in maintaining and developing a cohesive Samsung culture


SHRDC conducts approximately 250 training courses and workshops per year and has four big programs:
Samsung Shared Value Program (SVP) - ensured that the entire company followed one direction by sharing Samsung's values
Samsung Business Leader Program (SLP) - developed next generation leaders
Samsung Global Expert Program (SGP) - developed global competencies amongst Samsung employees
New Employee orientation (NEO) - helped new employees adjust to Samsung's culture
Samsung Human Resource Development Center
Current Samsung Culture

High Power distance

Junior member is expected to yield to senior

Emphasized pride, loyalty, and cohesiveness

Avoid open conflicts
Most critical program

Achieved multiple purposes:
Aligned employees across Samsung affiliates to
Samsung's strategic direction and promoted a Single Samsung culture
Fostered Samsung's values among new employees and sustained the foundation of its unique culture
Achieved business results through cooperation
Required for all new employees
Third-year employees that were considered top talent were brought in as mentors
4 weeks of intensive in-house training
Week 1: Samsung's history, philosophy, and values and the Samsung SpiritWeek 2: Etiquette of working with senior colleagues and company cultureWeek 3: Solving problems the Samsung wayWeek 4: Business challenge simulations
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