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Not Going to College is a Viable Option

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Wilson's English

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Not Going to College is a Viable Option

Lawrence Schlack
Not Going to College is a Viable Option
Most students have the mindset that if they don't go straight to college after high school, they won't be successful. What they don't know is there is more than one way to be a success after graduation. Every student is different, not everyone knows what they really want to do right away so sometimes taking a year to figure that out will help save a lot of time and money in the end. For others, going straight into the workforce and getting real-life experience in the career they want is the way to go. Either way, it's helpful for all students to know they don't have to be pressured into going to college right away. There are many ways these days to ensure each individual is a success.
You want to make sure you make the best career choice.
Take your time!
Take a 'gap year' to decide!
Professor of Educational Leadership at Western Michigan University
Superintendent at Barry Intermediate School District
Mostly retired but stays active in current education issues as a project administrator at Kalamazoo Regional Educational Service Agency
Schlack has a BA from MSU and an MA and Ph.D from the University of Michigan
High school seniors who can't declare they are college bound are made to feel like failures.
Too many young people graduate without a realistic picture of their own talents and aptitudes and too many don't have a clear idea of where these strengths might take them in the work world.
Status, economics, and competition are three most powerful forces behind the pressure to attend college that exist today.
As we reach the end of our high school years we're under the pressure of the idea that we HAVE to go to college. That isn't always the case, college isn't for all of us and there are other routes to take that can lead to success as well. Even if we do decide to go to college it isn't necessary for us to go right after high school because not everybody is prepared for it at that time. The pressure we get may come from family or even friends because they make us feel as if we don't go to college it's because we're not "smart enough" which isn't the case at all, the reason is just that we don't all want the same things in life.
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