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Smartfloor Flexibility Inside

No description

AJ Duijn

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of Smartfloor Flexibility Inside

Flexibility inside More profit in no time Wheelchair and standard passenger transportation is dynamic market
Multifunctionality is key to good profits in the business
Need for flexible configurations and quick conversions
Smartfloor sets the pace in this market
RDW and TÜV approved modular lightweight floors and accessories. The leading supplier Smartfloor is the leading supplier in Europe:
Robust, durable lightweight floor components and accessories for diverse applications
Safe and flexible solutions for all makes and models.
Ingenious attachment technologies allow quick configuration switching Safety first Easy configuration switching M1 certified according to EU Directive 76/115 for all major bus makes Seats
Other accessories Smartfloor fastening systems Smartfloor floors Comply with all international standards and the ISO 10542 standard Make sure the installation is done in line with Smartfloor’s instructions
Never forget: ‘safety first’!
Easy to install
Ask our free manuals for safe and solid installation The key starting point Flexibel seat exchange Seats of all leading European makes Works with all makes Smartfloor has been tested by TUV and Smartfloor with vehicles of all mayor makes Smartfloor is also suited for chairs from Rescroft, Cogent, Phoenix, Richard’s & Shaw and more. Partners SMARTFLOOR B.V. Veldkampsweg 26
7605 AR Almelo
Telefoon : +31 546 45 55 65
info@smartfloor.nl Better be safe Head & Back rest NEW Minibus taxis
Police vehicles
Individual wheelchair transport
Fire engine applications
Detention vehicles
Military vehicles
Commercial transport Diverse applications Complete Modular aluminium floor system
Floor components
Wheelchair restrain systems
Vehicle conversion kits Lifts & wheelchair ramps Vehicle conversion kits Floor and seat components Modular aluminium floor system Wheelchair restrain systems Own test facilities Well-equipped in-house test centre suitable for research and approval tests Implementation of the European council directives:
76/115 Concerning safety belt anchorages
74/408 Concerning seat, seat anchorages and head restraints
77/541 Concerning safety belts and restraint systems Smartfloor's first activities started in 1999 founded in September 2001 under the name Spacefloor b.v. August 2006 the company name was changed into Smartfloor b.v.

October 2006 move to current location Almelo Holland

December 2009 Smartfloor Thailand Co. Ltd. 6 employees
Revenue € 5.0 Million ($ 6.25 Million)
June 2006 Nomination most innovative company of Holland (Ranking 36) First Smartfloor applications were for commercial handicap vans Since the start many new applications for
the Smartfloor system have appeared M2 busses (9-22 passengers)
Police vehicles
VIP vehicles
Prisoner transportation vehicles
Emergency command vehicles
Video observation vehicles
Maintenance vehicles
Fire Brigade Smartfloor current product range: Modulair floor system
Smartfloor Plus
Seating solutions M1, M2, M3
Seat legs
AMF Products:
Wheelchair restraints
Conversion kits All Smartfloor products have been tested according to the European council directives UN Regulation EU Council Directives FMVSS
14 76/115 571.207
17 74/408 571.207
16 77/541 571.210 Europe: Proof of conformity at registration of vehicle.

US: Proof of conformity only required when a problem occurs.
US Patent for floor system is owned by Smartfloor:

United Staes Patent No. 6,595,142 B2

Other Patent held by Smartfloor:

European patent no. 1688298
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