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GeneWize Biz

No description

Tom Wood

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of GeneWize Biz

Skin, Weight & Wellness DNA Customized You Can Change
Your Genetic Future... Metabolism Inflammation Skin Firmness Cardio Support Oxidative Stress Bone Strength Wrinkle Gene Mental Clarity Hunger Immune System Your Body's Source Code GeneWize Science Nutrients Gene Expression Results Consumer Genetics The Next
$100 Billion Profit Right Now! Skin
Wellness DNA Customized Skin Care DNA
Supplements Peak Performance
Optimal Wellness FREE Product Part-Time
Income 2010 Millionaires Billionaires Next Generation Genetics 1990s 1980s Internet PC Science Business Skin
Wellness Personal Genetics Why Not You? Now is the Time Income Personal Genome = Personal Computer Lifestyle Simple
Custom Made for You Slow Down
the Signs of
AGING GeneWize Business Help Others You are One
of the First DNA Targeted Simple System -- This Video
-- DNA Party
-- Social Marketing Professionals
Care About People
Have Fun
Make Big Money No Income Limits Jorge Linda Rob Debbie Joann Bernadette DNA Targeted Modulate 17 Key Genes Burn Fat
Increase Metabolism
Get Ripped
Manage Weight Get Back with the Person Who
Referred You to Learn More Flawless Skin
Ideal Weight
Peak Performance Financial Freedom Skin Firmness Wrinkles Youthful Glow Tightness SOD2 NQ01 MMP1 TNF-a You are One
of the First Personal Genome = Personal Computer You are One
of the First What Income Do You Want? Free Product
Extra Money
Change Your Lifestyle Three Simple Steps 1. Choose Products
2. Choose Business Package
3. Follow the System Defy
Genes Step 1 -- Choose Products Step 2 -- Choose Business Home Based Business Warren Buffett
Donald Trump
Richard Branson
Robert Kiyosaki $100 Billion "The best kept secret in business" "The biggest shift
in marketing" Tom Peters
Fortune Magazine Premium Package - $499 Flagship Package - $299 Body Package - $269 Choose Your Biz Pack Step 3 -- Follow Our System

A. Refer 4 -- and it's Free
B. Help 4 -- and Build a Business
C. Teach 4 -- and Change Your Lifestyle A. Refer 4 -- Get it FREE Earn $640 Free Product Each Month Earn Bonus B. Help 4 -- Build a Business Earn Bonuses Earn Residual C. Teach 4 -- Change Your Lifestyle 4
4000 Average Affiliate earns $6000/year *Illustrative
Only "Just 4 and You're in Profit" Earn 8 Ways Direct Commission
Direct Discounts
Direct Residuals
Bonus Pool Double Direct Bonus
Team Residuals
Matching Bonus
Car Bonus
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