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Welcome back!

No description

Lisa Barrow

on 21 April 2014

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Transcript of Welcome back!

Parking Spot
July 14-August 1st
SOL announcement
Working Conditions-2014 versus 2012
Held at Belvedere ES

Bridge to K offered

Focus on the primary grades, but all grades included

Reading focus

h. In this school, follow up is provided from professional development. 65.9% 56.5%

i. Professional development provides ongoing opportunities for teachers to work with colleagues to refine teaching practices.
87.8% 80.0%
j. Professional development is evaluated and results are communicated to teachers. 48.6% 58.1%

k. Professional development enhances teachers' ability to implement instructional strategies that meet diverse student learning needs.
81.0% 81.6%
l. Professional development enhances teachers' abilities to improve student learning. 88.4% 83.7%

m. Professional development provides teachers with the knowledge and skills most needed to teach effectively.
87.8% 79.6%
n. Enhancing teacher knowledge and skills receives priority as a strategy to improve student achievement.
95.2% 75.0%

Monday, April 21, 2014
Turn to a neighbor
Table Topics
55% GAP to 37.9% GAP, HUGE CONGRATS!
State Reporting-How are we doing?
Cards are on the table

Take one and ask your neighbor

Assign roles A and B

Person A asks their question first and person B responds, then person A makes a connection to person B and answers the same question.

Person B asks their question and person A responds, then person B makes a connection to person A and answers the same question.
Getting it done...THANK YOU! eCART, grades, 1/2 day reflection, planning, RI goals, all before break...

Terry Phillips, visit on Wednesday, support with RI Application Tool, 1/2 hour blocks with individual teachers or teams if you choose. You should be close to or at your second data point at least...She can answer any questions you may have, provide clarifications or walk you through loading data.

Glen Stark, VA State Dept of Ed visiting, April 29 1:00-3:00 p.m.

Score reporting due this week to state-
BE SURE AT-RISK ARE LOADED BY WEDNESDAY and all by FRIDAY! Congrats-A DRA 3 to a 24 in Q3?

WEDNESDAY 4:00 p.m.
Elementary RI Core Teams are invited to participate in a Blackboard Collaborate session designed to help teams explore key considerations for
English Learners (ELs) within a multi-tiered system of support. Participants will be introduced to the EL Data Portfolio and learn about how EL data can inform the work of the RI Core Team.

Welcome Back!
a. Sufficient resources are available for professional development in my school. 90.5% 82.0%

b. An appropriate amount of time is provided for professional development. 86.7% 62.0%

c. Professional development offerings are data-driven.
86.7% 73.2%

d. Professional learning opportunities are aligned with the school's improvement plan. 97.6% 83.3%

e. Professional development is differentiated to meet the needs of individual teachers. 61.9% 66.7%

f. Professional development deepens teachers' content knowledge. 74.4% 76.6%

g. Teachers are encouraged to reflect on their own practice
95.3% 83.7%
Washington Post-April 5
A bill passed in Richmond last month and signed by the governor Friday cuts the number of standardized tests that
take in half, eliminating the social studies and science tests.

In Virginia, in addition to the third-grade social studies and science tests,
a fifth-grade writing test will be eliminated next year
, as will two U.S. history tests.
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