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Welcome to Akron Law!

This presentation will provide a brief overview of Akron Law, information on how to apply to law school, and information on how to pay for law school.

Adam Messner

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of Welcome to Akron Law!

Topics 1 2 3 What we do well How to apply to law school How to pay for law school Welcome to Akron Law! What we do well Personal Attention Flexibility Value Curriculum Trial Advocacy and Clinical Programs Intellectual Property Law How to apply to law school 1 Set up an LSAC account (it's free!) 2 Register for the CAS ($124) 3 Register for the LSAT ($139) 4 Request letters of recommendation 5 Request transcripts (VERY IMPORTANT!) 6 Monitor your LSAC account! 7 Apply (finally!) tips Start early (about a year in advance) and remember - you can only enter law school in the fall semester. Apply by March 1. Try to take the LSAT in September or December. February is OK, too. June is a gamble. Letters of recommendation are NOT REQUIRED. If we get an application that is complete other than letters of recommendation, we will review the application without the letters of recommendation. Please be patient. It usually takes us about 2-6 weeks to reach a decision on a completed application file, and as soon as we make a decision, we'll email you. Follow all directions. Pay all fees promptly. Proofread EVERYTHING. How to pay for law school Mom & Dad Scholarships Savings Employment Loans Stafford
($20,500 limit) Direct PLUS Alternative An example... ? "These are tough times, and while law school might be a great place to hide out for three years, those three years will end. If you're inclined to take some time to think about where you want to go, this is the time to explore your options: practicing law can be fun, rewarding, and potentially lucrative, but only if your heart is totally in it."

-Asha Rangappa, Associate Dean, Yale Law Ohio Bar Exam Total budget available: $39,304 Scholarship: $5,000 Stafford Subsidized: $8,000 Direct PLUS: $8,000 Alternative: $5,804 What does the budget include? Tuition and fees:

Room and board:

Books and supplies:


Personal expenses:

Annual total $23,170





$39,304 Stafford: $20,500 Now, let's look at this over three years... Year 1 Scholarship: $5,000
Loans: $34,304 Year 2 Scholarship: $5,000
Loans: $36,662 Year 3 Scholarship: $5,000
Loans: $39,162 Total borrowing over 3 years: $110,128 Monthly loan payment (10 years, 7%): $1,279 "I'm not worried about debt. Lawyers make tons of money." Stats: Class of 2010 Avg. Starting Salary: $55,223 No. Salaries Reported: 57 (out of 134 graduates) No. Six-Figure Starting Salaries: 3 No. Salaries Above Avg.: 20 (35%) No. Salaries Below $40K: 13 (23%) Avg. Law School Borrowing: $60,150 No. Borrowing At Least $60K: 59 (44%) No. Borrowing At Least $90K: 14 (10%) No. Borrowing Nothing: 23 (17%) Nine-Month Placement Rate: 91.8%
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