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No description

Harvey Wen

on 26 February 2016

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Transcript of Space

The Sun and Shadows
The Year and Seasons
Solar and Lunar Eclipses
The Moon

Why do we have Day and Night
By Harvey Wen
The Earth takes a whole day to make a complete turn.

Waxing Gibbous-A waxing gibbous moon appears high in the east at sunset. It’s more than half-lighted, but less than full.

Diameter-The diameter of a circle is the length of the line through the center and touching two points on its edge.

Artificial and Natural Satellites
Why planets stay in orbit
The Sun
The Sun is made out of 75% Hydrogen and 25% Helium.
The Earth's TWIN PLANET!
There are 4 seasons; Summer, Autumn, Spring and Winter.
Shadows are made by a light source shining on a opaque object
The moon is what gives us night.
All the planets in our solar system is a satellites to the sun
Our galaxy is called the Milky Way
There is no other force that can stop them orbiting the sun.
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