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Scottish Music

No description

C Robertson

on 11 August 2017

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Transcript of Scottish Music

Scottish Music

Scotland is well known for its traditional music.

What instrument do you think people associate Scotland with?
Can you name any other instruments linked to Scottish music?
Write down any you can think of!

What instruments can you hear in this clip?
Clarsach - Scottish Harp
Acoustic Guitar
Snare Drum
Penny Whistle
The Pibroch is a solo piece of music for the bagpipes.

They make use of a Grace Note Rhythm. This is a quick note added in front of the main note!
Listen out for the long held note underneath the melody!
This is called a DRONE and is played by the drones on the bagpipes!
Vocal Music
Vocal music is probably the oldest form of music as it does not require instruments other than the human voice!
Scots Ballad
A SCOTS BALLAD is a Scottish Song which tells a story. The form is STROPHIC, this means the music for each verse is the same!
What is the tempo of this music?
What instruments can you hear?
Bothy Ballad
The BOTHY BALLAD is a folk song from north east Scotland. It tells a story of rural or farming life.
Usually UNACCOMPANIED (A Cappella)
Sung by a SOLO MAN (sometimes a group of men join for the chorus)
Waulking Song
This is a Scottish song sung in GAELIC by women while the waulked (worked) woolen cloth to soften and shrink it.
CALL AND RESPONSE -where one woman sings the first part and the other women respond to her.
Mouth Music
(Puirt a Beul)
This is a Gaelic song used for dancing. When instruments were banned from Scotland people created mouth music to dance to made up of nonsense words!
Gaelic Psalm
This is sung in Gaelic and it is unaccompanied. The minister in the church lead the congregation who join in where they can.
What instrument is
providing an accompaniment
in this example?
Bothy Ballad Task
Bothy Ballads were STROPHIC. That means that the music for each verse is the same.

The chorus was often made up of nonsense words which everyone joined in with.

We are going to learn the nonsense words from the Bothy ballad
The Guise of Tough
The Pentatonic Scale
Traditionally Scottish music was written using the pentatonic scale. The pentatonic scale is a scale that uses 5 notes.
Task - compose an 8 bar melody at a keyboard or tuned percussion instrument using only notes from the Pentatonic scale!
The waltz is the earliest dance introduced into Scotland.

3 beats in a bar
The march is a dance with 2 or 4 beats in the bar.
A fast dance in simple time with 4 beats in the bar.

A strathspey is a dance with four beats in the bar. It includes dotted rhythms known as the SCOTCH SNAP.
The Scotch snap rhythm is found only in the strathespey.
The scotch snap is a short quick note followed by a long note
Scotch Snap
Is the music sung by a male of female?
What are the lyrics about?
What is the concept used to describe solo voices with no accompaniment?

Look at the groups below, what instruments do you think would be in each group?
Write down your ideas!
Scottish Groups
Scottish Dance Band
Folk Group
Celtic Rock
Pipe Band
Now listen to an example of each and add in any instruments you have missed.
Scottish Dance Band
Celtic Rock
Pipe Band
Folk Group
Watch the video of the Red Hot Chilli Pipers, What group would they come under?

A Jig is a fast dance in Compound Time.
Try saying 'strawberry' along with the beat to help you identify compound time
The Scotch snap rhythm is found only in the strathespey.
The scotch snap is a short quick note followed by a long note
Scotch Snap
Simple Time

The music has two, three or four beats in each bar, and each beat is a crotchet (1 beat note) and each beat can be divided into 2.
Compound Time

The beat is divided into groups of three – if you say 'strawberry' as you listen to compound time music, the three syllables fit within each beat.
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