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No description

Tammy Thomas

on 29 August 2014

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Transcript of Meetings

This Meeting
Tips and Tools
Going Forward
I'm Working on it.
Meetings are the 2nd most
expensive way of doing
Contract Hours are being used
What's our number Wayne?
An Idea.
Phillip Allegra suggests that only once we standardize a process, we are then able to improve it, and finally move forward to execute with precision.
Multiple Perspectives
An Agenda with....
Let's get ready to work together.
1. First, we are going to Brainstorm.

2. Then, we'll sort those ideas into 2 different categories:
Meeting Ground Rules
Meeting Checklist
Common Understanding
Ground Rules
We want all the best from our areas of business and our lines of work.

We are working on this as a group, in order to have us come together as a unit.

No silos, our entire area is building this collaboratively.
Happy Path vs. The Dark Path
Working Session Ground Rules
1. Participate.
2. Everyone is equal.
3. Every idea counts.
4. Treat each other with respect.
1. Every table will nominate a Scribe.
2. Go over your hand-outs.
3. Put the names of the people in your group on sheet. (1 minute)
4. Do your Happy Path brainstorming. (3 minutes)
5. Work on your Dark Path brainstorming. (3 minutes)
6. Turn your Dark path around. (1 minute)
7. Indicate with a C or G for all your ideas on the paper. (1 minute)
8. Hand them into Wayne.
Break down Ministry Barriers.
Through a Standard Meeting Process
Will take notice.
Will appreciate it.
Will respect it.
In Conclusion...
All Stakeholders
It is my hope that you see meetings as important.
You have some ideas on how to run, and participate better, in meetings.
That you have the faith that we are working on this:
Finally, that there is value in doing this.
1. I will compile all this wonderful information into one document.
2. I'm going distribute the Meeting Guild lines Document that was done by the project management area in 2011. (The plan is to enhance it.)
3. I need you to read it before we meet again to draft our Ground Rules and Check list. (We'll use NGT.)
4. I will send out all this information so that we are all on the same page.
12 sessions , 2 days each = 16 hours

16 x 12 = 192 hours of instruction

=20 hours just in meetings
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