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PSYC3007 Advanced Studies of Personality Theories

No description

Molly Frenette

on 6 February 2017

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Transcript of PSYC3007 Advanced Studies of Personality Theories

Course Outline
There is no text book for this course.
I will provide weekly readings, they will be posted on CMS for you to read and print if you want.
Each class may consist of lecture, discussions,
assignments and videos.
I use the course web page for posting all course
content and communication.
Course Evaluation
In Class Assignments
Next Class
We will spend some time discussing Academic writing and research skills.

You will get your first reading at the end of class.
Please tell us;

Your name.
Where you're from.
A hobby or pastime.
What your future plans are.
Advanced Studies of Personality Theories

All about me...

Graduate of Algoma U and LSSU.
Employment Advisor @ Community Living Algoma.
Teach @ Algoma U, Sault College and LSSU.
Attendance/Late Policy
New policy - no phones
Please put them on silent when you come to class.
They should not be on the desk in front of you.
If I see it I will ask you to put it away.
If it happens more than once, I will ask that you leave.
Are to be used for course purposes only.
Please don't distract me or your fellow classmates.
Part of your grade depends on regular attendance in class.
In class assignments are not scheduled and cannot be made up if missed.
Do not make a habit of being late to class.
If you are late, enter quietly and take the nearest seat.
If you are absent from class it is your responsibility to catch up on what you have missed.
A doctor's note will be required if you miss a test or assignment due to illness.
This course is designed to support the development of critical thinking and analysis skills.
It is also designed to support the synthesis of information you have learned in other courses and new information learned in this course.
Participation in small and large group discussions is essential in developing these skills.
In order to be prepared for class, you must complete the readings provided by me ahead of time.
If the class is largely unprepared to participate in discussions, the class will be canceled and students will be expected to learn the required concepts independently.
You will be tested on all content scheduled for all classes.
All assignments are due on the due date.
If you need an extension, you must arrange this ahead of time...
not on the due date (or the night before).
An assignment is considered 1 day late at 5:31pm on the date it is due.
For every day late, the assignment will be deducted 5%, up to 5 days.
After 5 days late it will no longer be accepted.

If an assignment is due on Monday, you will receive 5% in late marks if it's not handed in by 5:30pm. For every day at 5:30pm that it is not handed in it will receive 5% in late deductions. If it is not handed in by Friday at 5:30pm it will no longer be accepted.
During the course I will post important reminders on the course web page (CMS).
I will also contact the class through email - ensure you are checking both regularly.
I check my email regularly, and will respond within a day - typically.
I may not respond on Saturdays or Sundays if unable to.
Office hours are by appointment only.

When communicating with me, remember to be:
Appropriate, Respectful and Professional
Avoid the following;
Slang/Text language
Disrespectful tone
Worth 10%

You will need to attend each class and participate in activities and discussions during class time. You will not be able to make up missed assignments as this evaluation incorporates an attendance component.
Worth 5% each - total 15%

You will need to complete 3 Article Review Templates, in order to do this you will need to find 3 current (2008 or newer) peer-reviewed, experiment-based, journal articles.
These articles will need to address a common theme or topic.
You will use these articles to write an Article Review Paper at the end of the semester.
I will provide you with the template next class.
Article Review Templates
2 Tests - each worth 20%

The tests may consist of both short answer and essay style questions.
Test questions will come from class activities, discussions and course readings.
Tests will be administered on the course web page - CMS.
On test days there will not be a formal class.
You will have from 9am to Midnight on test day to complete the test.
You will not be able to submit the test after this point.
Worth 10%

You will be required to create and deliver a presentation based on the
Article Review Paper you will submit.
Your presentation will be a summary of your paper and should be
between 5 and 7 minutes in length.
Your presentation needs to incorporate some type of visual aspect (PowerPoint, Prezi, etc.).
Dress and conduct yourself in a professional manner during the presentation.
Article Review Paper
Worth 30%

You will choose a research topic that is related to the field of Personality Psychology.
You will use the 3 articles from the template assignment as well as
2 to 4 more articles on the same topic.
Papers need to follow APA format, and be in Times New Roman font,
12 pt., and double spaced.
More information will be covered next class.
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