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Benjamin Franklin: Why He Should Be Remembered.

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jessica mendoza

on 17 May 2011

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Transcript of Benjamin Franklin: Why He Should Be Remembered.

Benjamin Franklin Born on
Janurary 17, 1706
Boston, Massachusetts Other Important Events In His Life Benjamin Franklin was many things ,but he was best known for
being one of the founding Fathers,
an American politician, an
inventor, and one of the signers
of the US Constitution.

He was also a magnificent scientist,
printer, writer, statesman, diplomat,
and a absolute civic leader. After a long and challenging life, he dies a peaceful
deaf on April 17,1790 in Philadelphia, PA. Franklin's Deaf Leadership Qualities
great nagotiator
confident public speaker
contributed to his community Franklin deserves a perfect ten because he was a true genius and an inspiring politician. He gave out the idea of the three branches of government that help maintain the U.S today. He convinced France to fight along with the Americans against the British. His impressive resourceful intelligence helped us win the Revolution and save many lives. All his dedicated work to crafting the United States paid off. Perfect 10 He discovered
by using a
key and a kite. In 1730, he
Read Rogers Sources

"Benjamin Franklin." Science and Its Times. Ed. Neil Schlager and Josh Lauer. Vol. 4. Detroit: Gale, 2001. Gale Biography In Context. Web. 17 May 2011.

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"Benjamin Franklin 1706-1790." American Eras. Detroit: Gale, 1997. Gale Biography In Context. Web. 17 May 2011. Adminster to France
in 1779
and also served as
ambassador to Britain Signed the U.S Constitution in September 17,1787. Failures:



Any Successes:
invented useful inventions
convinced France to fight along
side with America
helped stop slavery
helped establish a better
discovered electricity Created by Jessoca Mendoza

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