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The Death of the Hired Man

No description

Alisha Brisson

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of The Death of the Hired Man

The Death of the Hired Man
Character Analysis
In the poem The Death of the Hired Man by Robert Frost there are 3 characters, Mary, Warren and Silas. Mary and Warren are married and live on a farm. Silas comes and works for them by helping around the farm. However, there is lots of tension between Warren and Silas. This is because Silas leaves the farm right before Warren needs him the most, when they need to harvest the crops. Mary finds Silas sleeping outside and warns Warren that he is here. Mary is forgiving and wants to give him another chance because he is sick and dying but, Warren does not like him at all and wants him gone. Mary attempts to change Warren's mind and fails many times but, finally succeds. Finally Warren went to see Silas and he passed away.
Mary is caring and determined. Mary is caring because when Silas showed up she wants Silas to stay because she suspects that he has come home to die. “Home is the place where, when you have to go there, They have to take you in."Her definition of a home is what makes her care about Silas coming home or in other words, her own beliefs are what makes Mary care so much about Silas. Also, Silas has worked with them many times in the past and Mary has a good relationship with him, this also makes Mary very caring towards him.
Before Warren gets home, she knows she is determined to change his mind on letting Silas stay. She is determined because she has seen Silas for many years and knows he tries to help out even though he does not understand that he leaves at the worst time. Mary states that, "I made the bed up for him there to-night.
You’ll be surprised at him—how much he’s broken.
His working days are done; I’m sure of it.” Mary has already made a bed for him and can even judge him by the looks of him. She is determined because she has known him for many years and wants him to stay,
Warren is thoughtless and wise. Warren started to shout mean things about Silas and kept going even when Mary asked him to stop. Warren is thoughtless towards Silas because Silas never does a good job when he comes and works. He also leaves before harvesting season which is the most important job and Warren needs help during it. "You never see him standing on the hay
He’s trying to lift, straining to lift himself,” Silas never stays and helps, this makes Warren very thoughtless towards him.
Warren has hired Silas many times, over and over again. He does not want to hire him again because he has hired him so many times and Silas has failed, this makes him wise. However, his widsom started to wear off because of Mary's determination.
The Poem
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