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Stick Figure: A Diary of my former self By Lori Gottlie

No description

Gonzalo Orozco

on 17 January 2014

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Transcript of Stick Figure: A Diary of my former self By Lori Gottlie

Stick Figure: A Diary of my former self By Lori Gottlieb
Gonzalo Orozco
Ms. Pinon
English 1H, period 2
January 17, 2014
Stick Figure: A Diary of My Former Self
by Lori Gottlieb
The setting of the book is in Beverly Hills, in the year of 1978.

-Lori's father
-Lori's mother
-Dr. Katz
-Dr. Gold
-Lana and Tracy
- Fred Smuckler
Lori is an intelligent and unique eleven year old girl living in Beverly Hills. She is surrounded by people who live a lifestyle based on being rich, diets, and trying to be thin. At first she doesn’t care about being thin and enjoys her childhood, but when her mother starts telling her she can’t be eating as much as she does and needs to be more lady-like, her mind changes. She starts counting all the calories she eats and reading diet books. She gets the impression that she is fat and needs to be thin like the women in the magazines. Lori starts eating very little and eventually becomes anorexic. By starving herself, Lori’s illness becomes more severe and she ends up in the hospital. While at the hospital, Lori has thoughts of suicide. On the day Lori leaves the hospital, she realizes how the women talking about diets and magazines can convince even the smartest person to believe they need to be thin, just like it happened to her.

Lori is an eleven year old girl who is very intelligent. Her teachers don't like her because she always does more than what is expected. Her mother gets mad at her when she is smarter than her. Lori just likes to be herself and doesn't care about looking pretty for the boys. She always has a ponytail and is a tomboy. When her mother tells her to be more lady-like, she starts to do what all the women in Beverly Hills are doing, going on a diet and trying to be thin.
Lori's Father
Lori's father is always in his office checking the stock market and smoking his pipe. He always has to deal with Lori when her mother is tired of her. When Lori won't listen to him he becomes enraged which makes a vein on forehead pop out, scaring Lori.
Lori's Mother
Lori's mother is very overemotional and not very smart. She does not really support Lori on anything she does. She only really cares about Lori getting all the boys. Lori's mother is always reading diet books and eats very small portions of food. Lori often catches her mother getting out of bed in the middle of the night and stuffing herself with food because she doesn't eat enough during the day. While watching television shows or reading love stories, Lori's mother will begin to burst into tears. This is why she always carries tissues in her purse wherever she goes.
Dr. Katz
Dr. Katz is the doctor Lori is taken to by her mother when she starts eating very little. Dr. Katz is from Texas and is always very cheery. He has the habit of always playing with his tongue depressor. He tries to help out Lori and gives her advice so she can be at a normal weight again but Lori ignores his advice.
Dr. Gold
Dr. Katz recommends that Lori visits Dr. Gold, who is a psychiatrist. Dr. Gold listens to what Lori has to say and asks her questions about her life. At first Lori doesn't like him but then is glad that he is actually interested in knowing more about her, since nobody ever asks her. At the end of Lori's first session, Dr. Gold even plays a game of chess with Lori to make her feel more comfortable.
Lana and Tracey
Lana and Tracey started off as Lori's friend. Eventually they became jealous of Lori when she started losing weight and getting thinner. Lana and Tracey became even more jealous of Lori when she won all the Physical Fitness Awards. On the day of Parents Night, Lana and Tracey were teasing Lori because she had talked to a boy named Fred who was a nerd.
Fred Smuckler
Fred Smucker was a "nerd " who went to Lori's school. He was only in one chapter of the book but made Lori feel better. When someone had changed the name on one of Lori's assignment to "Hori " on Parents Night, Fred kindly got out an eraser and changed the name back to Lori. He did it without saying a word but his kindness made Lori feel better after have being teased by Lana and Tracey.
Bonnie is Lori's nutritionist. Bonnie is always talking in a very excited voice, which annoys Lori. Bonnie is very fit and has muscular legs. She tells Lori what a girl her age should weigh and also gives her a food journal where Lori is suppose to write down all the food she eats.
Chrissy is Lori's pet parakeet and best friend. Chrissy suffered while Lori was dieting because Lori put her on a diet too. Lori also frightened Chrissy at night when she would run laps around her room to exercise.
page 92
In some cases people become lactose intolerant as they enter puberty.
page 93
If you have a high metabolism you can eat a lot and will not gain as much weight as a person with a slow metabolism.
page 107
An eleven year old girl needs 2,000 calories per day to grow at a healthy rate.
page 116
Psychiatrists are nicknamed "Shrinks " because of an old tale saying that psychiatrists are healers who shrink the heads of their patients
page 123
"J'ai faim" means i have hunger in French.
Thunder Thighs
Definition: Large thighs
Although Lori was thin, she believed she had thunder thighs.
GI Test
Definition: A test that visualizes the structure of the esophagus, stomach, and upper digestive system
Lori received a GI test when she said she had a problem in her digestive system.
Tongue Depressor
Definition: A thin piece of wood doctors use to hold down the tongue while examining the mouth
The doctor put a tongue depressor on my tongue while he looked inside my mouth.
Definition: Severe loss of intellectual capacity.
The boy suffered from dementia after his head injury.
Cerebral Cortex
Definition: The part of the brain where voluntary movement, coordination of sensory, learning, and the expression of individuality is controlled.
The cerebral cortex is a very important part of the brain.
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