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The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

No description

Kimberly Vilbrun

on 22 August 2014

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Transcript of The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

Where and when the story takes place?
Who is the story about?
Sequence of Events
The Trailer of the Book
The Climax
I believe that the climax was when the Bruno said that he was going to go over the fence to see Shmuel for the last time before he left.
The Boy in the Striped Pajamas
Presented by : Kimberly Vilbrun (kivil15)
1. Bruno : This is the main character of the story. He is a nine year old boy from Germany.

2. Gretel : Bruno's twelve year old sister. She turns thirteen in this story. Bruno refers to her as the "Hopeless Case".

3. Mother : She is the mother of Bruno and Gretel.

4. Father : He is a Nazi officer and is the father of Bruno and Gretel.

5. Shmuel : He is the boy in the striped pajamas in the story. Shmuel is Bruno's best friend who is a Jew is on the other side of the fence.

6. Herr Liszt : He is Bruno's tutor. He wants Bruno to focus on Geography and History instead of Literature and the Arts.

7. Pavel : A waiter who comes from Poland and heals Bruno's wound when he fell from his swing.

8. Maria : The family maid who has been with Bruno's family ever since she was three.

In the first chapters Bruno starts to adapt the fact he is moving away and will be moving from Berlin to a new house name Out-With which he is not pleased with. Later in the story Bruno and Gretel saw kids and adults out there who were filthy and all wore the same clothing through Bruno's new bedroom window. Bruno tried to explain why he didn't like the new "home" to his Father. Even though he had good points his father told him to go to his room. Since Bruno was bored and couldn't see what he could do in the house he went out and explored and found a new friend named Shmuel. Ever since then Bruno was excited to see him and bought food for him every time he would come because he was really skinny. After a few weeks or months of being Shmuel's friend, Father's birthday was around the corner. On the day of the party, Bruno was going to read his book in the kitchen but he had bumped into Lieutenant Kurt. Lieutenant Kurt had filled him up with questions about the book but Bruno wasn't interested and thankfully Mother had cut Lieutenant Kurt out of the conversation to talk about how Father's party will go out. When Bruno went into the kitchen, he found his friend Shmuel cleaning the glasses. Bruno talked and he offered Shmuel a piece of chicken. Although Shmuel refused, Bruno had insisted and he took it. In the middle of chewing it Lieutenant Kurt caught him and was filled with rage. Shmuel had told Kurt that Bruno, his friend, offered him it. But even though Bruno wanted to tell the truth he ended up lying saying the he hadn't met Shmuel until now. Bruno felt guilty and asked for forgiveness. It took a few minutes and Shmuel eventually did forgive him. A few months later Bruno's dad told Bruno that he will be moving back to Berlin again but the Father will stay. The next day Bruno tells his friend the news. His friend also has some news for him that his father is missing. So for their last day together they decided that Bruno will disguise himself to sneak over the wall and look for Shmuel's father. Although there was rainfall the next day it stopped in the afternoon and Bruno had time to play with his friend. He sneaked over the fence and wore the striped pajamas Shmuel have given him. With more than an hour and a half passing by he couldn't find his dad. Bruno said the he had to go. But eventually he went nowhere because the soldiers had been shoved into the gas chamber and he died.
Novel by :
ohn Boyce

The setting takes place at first takes place at Berlin. But during most of the story it takes place at a place named Out-With.
9. Lieutenant Kurt : One of Father's soldiers. Bruno claims that he thinks he is in control when his Father is gone.

10. Grandmother : Bruno and Gretel's grandmother who was the life of the party. She was disappointed when her son, 'Father' ,become Commandment.

11. Grandfather : Bruno and Gretel's grandfather. He was happy when his son, 'Father' ,became Commandment.
The conflict was that Bruno and Shmuel were meant to be enemies not friends. They weren't suppose to be seeing each other.
Although they were suppose to be enemies instead Bruno sneaked out to play and talk to him instead since Shmuel was his only friend in Out-With.
My Opinion
At first, this story was a bore. I will explain why. The reason why I thought it was a bore because throughout the first chapters withing the story it was revolving around the same thing about how the main character, Bruno, doesn't like his new home. It kept on describing things that seemed irrelevant to me. At that moment, I was going to quit reading it and not make a project out of it. Then I reminded myself that many people told me this was a great story so I will continue.

And now since I am in love with this story I regret ever thinking about putting this story down. For the first time I actually reread a story. I've never done that. Some stories were really good but they've never made me want to read it again and this story was too great. I had to reread it. The shocking conclusion at the end actually made me cry. A story have never made me cry. This is one of the best novels I have read and I will definitely recommend it to my friends and classmates.
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