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The Phoenix

Story Show

Yang Zipei

on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of The Phoenix

Introduce by:
Michael,Tom,Paul CONFLICT MOOD The major conflict I consider in the story is probably between the phoenix and Mr. Plodero. We may easily find the difference between them. The phoenix, which is gentle and quiet, doesn't make people happy cause he actually doesn't care about what may do good to him.
However, in the other side, our money-sicker Mr. Plodero is trying his best to find a way of making money. The conflict is not between two living creatures but two of the thoughts. The mood in this story is warm at first, Mr. Strawberry keeps the phoenix well but when Mr. Strawberry dies, the mood comes to cold and cruel. We think that the mood at last is warmer because the phoenix kills all the people who have no sympathy. THEME CHARACTERS IMAGERY SYMBOLISM The Sylvia Townsend Warner PHOENIX This perfect story puts up the society’s hideous. There people lost their kind heart, they draw water to one’s mill and they only focus on the money. Some people destroy others work with out thinking.
. Europe .He is the man who cought the phoenix. Lord Strawberry: A nobleman, collected birds. He had the finest aviary in Mr. Poldero : The second owner of the phoenix, he is a bad man who just wants money. At last he is killed by the phoenix. Mr.Ramkin: Poldero’s steward The phoenix:Handsome and charming, he is gentle and quiet, he can soothe the animal. At last he killed all of the people who want to watch his death by fires itself. The author used much symbolism in this short story. We think that the phoenix is a symbol of the force of nature. If you didn’t treat it in a good way, it may be calm at first. But if you keep treating it in that kind of way, it maybe destroy you or ruin your life. We think that the first owner of the phoenix is a symbol of the bright side of humanity. He treated the phoenix even better than treating himself. When he was hungry he would never let the phoenix feels hungry. He loves the phoenix just like loving his life. All these above showed that he is a very kind person. But what a pity! The second owner of the phoenix wasn’t like that. He is a symbol of the dark side of humanity, very ugly and full of desire of money. He fed the phoenix just for earning more money. He wanted to see the nirvana of the phoenix so he treated it in a such bad way for a very long time. But the phoenix couldn’t bear any longer so when the nirvana happened. It burned every thing including the people right there and we think it’s his retribution. He deserves it. SYMBOLISM
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