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History Of Snowboarding

No description

James Schultz

on 25 November 2014

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Transcript of History Of Snowboarding

History Of Snowboarding
James Schultz
Sherman Poppen built a surf board for the snow
80% percent of people
Thank you!
Early Stage
First Snowboard was $15
Mentioned in Magazines
Newsweek and Playboy talked about Snowboards
snurfer died off in 1968
1970 snowboarding came alive
His first prototype was about 1,20 m long
one million snowboard's were sold in the 10 years
First snowboard was called Snurfer
Became a Sport
in 1998 snowboarding became a winter olympic sport
Major Company's
company's started to produce snowboards
Mass production
Snowboards started to become a production
is a young people sport
Snowboarding is the youth-culture of the nineties
due to easy damage
Milovich renamed it to snowboard
Re-made the design
have done a winter sport
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