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The Preregistration Challenge

This is an overview of the steps necessary for the Prereg Challenge. The Challenge will be announced publicly in the near future. The Prereg Challenge is being conducted by the Center for Open Science.

David Mellor

on 5 August 2016

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Transcript of The Preregistration Challenge

Create your research plan
Enter Your Research Plan
Use the Preregistration Form on the Open Science Framework

Submit Research Plan for Review
Research Plans will be checked for completeness

(Not for publishing. This is not peer review!)

Revise Research Plans as necessary
Accepted Research Plans are Registered
Conduct your Study
Write your Article
If anything in your study or in your data analysis is different than what was specified in your Preregistration, justify these changes.
Publish in an Eligible Journal
Submit Published Articles for Review
Article must report results of Preregistration. Differences must be justified, confirmatory and exploratory findings must be separate.
You are now an Eligible Entrant
The Preregistration

Steps to earn the Prize
26 Questions, including:
Research Questions
Use of existing data
Manipulated and Measured Variables
Statistical Tests or Models
It is now a Preregistration
Follows the steps in your Preregistration. If anything changes, document and justify!
Separate Confirmatory (preregistered) results from Exploratory results
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