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Theories group C (1)

No description

Mai Ahmed

on 27 December 2014

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Transcript of Theories group C (1)

other simple examples
And our B for today is
well let's start with the fundamental well-known shapes :
Ideal City, Vincenzo Scamozzi
HEY !!
today we'll discuss 3 chapters of one of ching's famous books
our A for today
formal collisions of geometry
the square
the circle
the triangle
haven't u ever tried adding them?
= ?
= ?
scientific statistics proved that 90% of us subconsciously do; whether by drawing, playing puzzle, or even imagining
by adding:
The two forms can subvert their individual
identities and merge to create a new composite form.
One of the two forms can receive the other
totally within its volume.

• The two forms can separate and be linked by a
third element that recalls the geometry of one
of the original forms.
Petronas Towers / Cesar Pelli-malaysia
its concept
The King Fahad National Library, Gerber Architekten, Riyadh Saudi Arabia
The Pantheon, Rome
The two forms can retain their individual
identities and share the interlocking portion of their volumes.
and now
let's have an architectural look
linked hybrid,steven holl
what do you think of this compostition?

Accommodate the differing
requirements of interior space and exterior form
why do you think the middle square is rotated?
hint: To express the functional or symbolic importance of a form or space within its context

now can you give an example?
what about muslims' qibla?

it requires orientation, doesn't it?
Pearl Mosque, within the Red Fort, an imperial palace at Agra, India,
1658–1707. The interior space of this mosque is oriented exactly with
the cardinal points so that the quibla wall faces in the direction of the
holy city of Mecca, while its exterior conforms to the existing layout
of the fort.
the rotated grid is yet to be continued
it's obvious that this contrasting geometrical shapes share the same center
seven 17 bourke st.
air force academy US
asilica of San Vitale
dool studio
To inflect a space toward a specific feature of
a building site
To carve a well-defined volume of space from a
building form
To reinforce a local condition of symmetry in
a building form
To express and articulate the various constructional or mechanical systems that exist within a building form
centerpompiou ,france by renzo piano &richerd rogers
The Napa River House in California 4 by Craig Steely Architecture
To respond to contrasting geometries of the
topography, vegetation, boundaries, or existing
structures of a site
Grande Arche / Johann Otto von Spreckelsen-france
• To acknowledge an already existing path of
movement through a building site
statue of liberty
symbolic importance
A circular form can be freestanding in its context to express its ideal shape and still incorporate a more functional, rectilinear geometry within its boundaries.
The centrality of a circular form enables it to act as a hub and unify
forms of contrasting geometry or orientation about itself
The Island Villa (Teatro Marittimo), Hadrian’s Villa,
Tivoli, Italy
la bibliotheque d'alexandrie
al dar headquarters
Museum for North Rhine–Westphalia, Dusseldorf, Germany, 1975, James Stirling & Michael Wilfor
Lister County Courthouse, Solvesborg, Sweden, 1917–21,
Gunnar Asplund
A circular or cylindrical space can serve to organize the spaces within a rectangular enclosure.
Murray House, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1969, MLTW/Moore-Turnbull

And finally we're back to our C:
the rotated grid
Plan of the Ideal City of Sforzinda, 1464, Antonio Filarete
example 1 !
example 2:

Even though, the Price Tower was intended mainly for the headquarters of H.C. Price Company and other office spaces, there was an idea by the Price family to include residential units in the building to help sustain the building’s use and financial security. Wright’s solution to organizing the mixed use tower was influenced through the extraction of lines from the company’s logo to further subdivide the floor plates , which resulted in rotating the axes of floor plate 45 degrees that subdivided the floors and the building into four quadrants. Three of the quadrants were intended for office use, while the other consisted of two floor residential units.
St. Mark’s Tower, Project, New York City, 1929, Frank Lloyd Wright

National Museum of Roman Art
The structural grid of the lower level of the museum floats over and contrasts
with the geometry of the ancient Roman remains of Mérida
Taliesin West, near Scottsdale, Arizona, 1938–59, Frank Lloyd Wright
A diagram by Bernhard Hoesli of the geometry regulating the layout of Taliesin West

haven't u ever tried adding them?
= ?
= ?
scientific statistics proved that 90% of us subconsciously do; whether by drawing, playing puzzle, or even imagining
Diagram as Architecture:
House III for Robert Miller, Lakeville, Connecticut, 1971, Design Development Drawings, Peter Eisenman
hope u enjoyed :)
Group C:
mai ahmed
reem amgad
rehab nabil
yasmine abd elmoaty
rowan saeed
radwa mostafa
radwa faris
al shaimaa
salma mahmoud
alaa mohamed
alaa salah
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