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F&B training

No description

Viktor Kyosev

on 19 January 2013

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Transcript of F&B training

Food and Beverage Training By Viktor Kyosev
and Alex Chiang Agenda for today Service attitude
Beverage knowledge
Service knowledge Service Attitude The Greeting: Your greeting is the first impression given to the customer, so strive to make it special. Taking order: A good approach to have when taking orders is to ask for the beverages in the very beginning while the guests are choosing their meal. Teamwork: Cooperative effort by the members of a group or team to achieve a common goal. Posture! Bill`s delivery! Beverage knowledge and service Glassware Chilled glasses:
white wine, beer and cocktails. Pre-heated glassware:
coffee, tea, cappuccino, latte, hot chocolate etc. Garnish Fresh Juice Serving Temperature
Necessarily tools: wine opener, glasses, napkin, ice bucket
Serve white before red.
Serve young wines before old wines. Food knowledge and Service A guest is not dependent upon us - we are dependent upon him/her. Women and Elderly people are always served first!
The Appetizer is served first in order to arouse the appetite and set the tone of the meal.
Soup may be served instead of appetizer or as a second course.
The salad is the next food served.
The entree is the main part of the meal!
The Dessert is the last course served.
- Guests having like courses should be served together.
- Clear the dishes when all guests at the table have finished the course.
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