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Shadows and Tall Trees


vamcydher kilari

on 15 November 2015

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Transcript of Shadows and Tall Trees

Shadows and Tall Trees
The group of boys stop to eat while on their journey to look for the beast. As they continue, they spot pig droppings and decide to hunt for pigs in the meantime. The group runs into a pig, and since this is Ralph's first time hunting he gets very excited after he hits the pig 'right on the snout' with his spear. When the pig escapes, the boys are in a frenzy. They become overly excited and reenact what just happened with the pig, with Robert. The boys almost kill him while jabbing their spears at him. Ralph makes sure the boys know it is just a game. Night time comes along and the boys start to worry about piggy and the littluns(who were left behind at the beach). Simon volunteers to go back and the other hunters go with him out of fear. Jack (trying to seem brave) still wants to climb the mountain, Ralph and Roger decides to go as well. When they are climbing up Ralph suggests they take a break, but Jack continues on. Moments later Jack comes rushing down claiming he saw a 'thing bulge'. Roger and Ralph go see and describe it as a 'giant ape-like creature'. The chapter ends with the three of them hurrying down the mountain to warn the others.
Key Lines
"He sunned himself in their new respect and felt that hunting was good after all." (Pg.124)
Relationship Between Characters
Reference to Beast
" I walloped him properly. That was the beast, I think!" Ralph, excited after throwing his spear and successfully hitting a pig, get carried away and says he thinks the pig was the beast.
Key Events
Key Theme
This quote shows Ralph becoming a better leader, as he is now able to see jack's view of things and sympathize with the hunters.
"Use a littl'un."(Pg. 126)
Ralph, wanting to fit in, rather than being his usual solitary self, goes on the hunt for the pig-run, and after, "He sunned himself in their new respect and felt that hunting was good after all." He decides that hunting was not actually completely useless, after he, "walloped him (a pig) properly...."
Ralph and Jack climb the mountain at night, and see, "something like a great ape was sitting asleep with it's head between it's knees...." This is the first real encounter with the beast since the beginning of the book.
"Ralph- we need meat even if we are going to hunt the other thing." Jack speaks to Ralph here about the beast and their plan to hunt it down to kill it.
"In front of them.... was a rock-like hump where no rock should be..... something like a great ape was sitting asleep with it's head between it's knees.... the creature lifted it's head, holding towards them
the ruin of a face." This is another important
reference to the beast.
The pig hunt is one of the main references to the key theme, as it shows that their sense of civilization and order is slowly fading away into savagery. It shows that now they are not as worried about keeping order, and more excited about hunting and killing. pg. 122-124
Another reference to the main theme is when the boys reenact the pig hunt and kill, Robert, the boy who stands in for the pig, almost dies as the boys get caught up in their bloodlust and get carried away. pg. 125
When Jack suggests using a littleun in the place of a pig, everyone laughs, yet no one except for Jack and maybe Roger would be prepared to actually kill a littleun. This shows how everyone (for laughing) and especially Jack (for suggesting this idea) have turned savage and completely forgotten how civilization works pg.126
"Ralph sighed, sensing the rising antagonism" (Pg. 129) and "Why do you hate me?"
This is said by Jack when the boys are discussing staging a hunting "properly". They state that it must be realistic, with fire and drums, but they need to use a pig, because they must kill it, to which Jack replies, "Use a littl'un." The other boys all laugh, at the notion of killing another human. This shows savagery.
Relationship Between Characters
"Ralph spoke despairingly, out of the new understanding Piggy had given him. `Why do you hate me?´" Ralph has been helped by Piggy to understand that Jack does not like him , hates him even, because Ralph has been given precedence over the boys.
The conflict between Ralph and Jack starts off calm, each of them allowing the other to lead. But as they continue, the conflict turns into a fight for power over the group and who can be more brave. When Jack says he still wants to climb the mountain, Ralph agrees, even though he knows its stupid. But to seem brave and not lower his postion in the society, he goes along with it.
The only major conflict between characters in this chapter is between Ralph and Jack. The interaction between them starts out calmly, they both allow each other to lead the group. But as they continue up the mountain, it turns into a battle between them about who can be stronger or who can be the bravest. Ralph wants to maintain his position in the society where as Jack is trying to go up in rank. Ralph wants to make sure he either does the same or more than Jack. When Jack suggest they go up the mountain, even though it is night, Ralph goes along with it because he doesn't want to seem like a coward to the group. Ralph also knows it is stupid to do this.
During the hunt for the beast, Jack carries his knife with him everywhere. The knife symbolizes power, and military strength on the island.

At one point, Ralph is looking at the ocean and contemplates how it separates the boys from the rest of the world. The ocean represents Ralph's subconscious, Where fear (the beast) lurks.
1. At the beginning of chapter 7, what is bothering Ralph?
A. he thinks all of the boys have become sloppy and undisciplined
B. he is afraid of the beastie
C. he misses his parents and home
D. he doesn't want to be the leader any more

2. While they're searching for the beast, what do the hunters find?
A. a crashed airplane (fighter jet)
B. a herd of deer
C. a pile of pig droppings
D. the littlun who they thought was lost in the fire

3. What does Ralph discover as he joins in on the pig hunt?
A. that Jack is a great hunter
B. that hunting pigs is thrilling and exciting
C. that Piggy is also a great hunter
D. that there really were no pigs on the island

4. What does Jack say caused his arm to be bloody?
A. a boar's tusk cut it
B. he claims that Ralph's aim was off and the spear hit him
C. he claims that Piggy's aim was off and the spear hit him
D. he claims he fell from the top of the mountain in a fight with the beastie

5. When the boys try to re-enact the pig hunt, what happens to Robert?
A. he trips on a littlun and starts the boys to laughing
B. he plays the part of a pig
C. the boys nearly kill him as they get wilder and wilder with the re-enactment
D. both a and b
E. both b and c
6. When Robert suggests that they use a real boar in the game next time, what does Jack say they should use?
A. Piggy
B. Simon
C. Ralph
D. a littlun

7. Why does Simon return to the beach?
A. he is horrified by the game the other boys had been playing
B. he is still on the hunt for the pig
C. he is going to tell Piggy and the littluns that the bigger boys won't be back until late
D. both a and b

8. As darkness falls, Ralph proposes that they wait until morning to do what?
A. return to camp
B. climb the mountain
C. kill the pig they've caught
D. vote for a new leader

9. What does Jack challenge Ralph to do?
A. go back to camp
B. go on the pig hunt up the mountain
C. hit Piggy
D. fight him in a duel

10. Who is the only boy to climb all the way to the summit of the mountain?
A. Ralph
B. Roger
C. Piggy
D. Jack
11. What does he claim to have seen at the summit?
A. a monster
B. a fire
C. People
D. a ship

12. In this chapter, what is it that finally makes Ralph aware that he has a savage nature as well?
A. the hunt for the pig
B. the excitement of the re-enactment
C. the blood lust he felt when throwing his spear at the pig
D. all of the above

13. What is unsettling about the way the other boys respond to Jack's earlier suggestion to use a littlun as the next pig?
A. they laugh at it and aren't particularly bothered by it
B. they rush off to find a littlun
C. they are shocked and ashamed of Jack
D. they are angry with Jack

14. At this point in the novel, which inner philosophy has become dominant amongst the boys?
A. a disciplined community and orderly life
B. a spiritual search for meaning
C. a longing for home and family
D. a release of violence and savagery

15. What is Jack's greatest victory in this chapter?
A. they climb the mountain
B. Ralph expresses his excitement over the savagery of the hunt
C. they kill a boar
D. they find a beastie
16. If Ralph had persisted in waiting until daylight to climb the mountain, what might have happened that would strengthen his position in the group?
A. he would have killed a pig and been equal with Jack
B. he would have seen that the beast was a dead pilot and not a monster
C. he would not have fallen all the way to the beach
D. he would have saved the littluns from death

Fill in the blanks:
17. The wild birds in the tree began to _________ as the boys disturbed their peaceful slumber, making a noise that could be heard all the way across the island.
A. squawk
B. bristle
C. relentless
D. gnaw

18. The boys were ______________ in their quest to kill a pig and stayed up all night hunting it.
A. squawk
B. bristle
C. relentless
D. gnaw

19. Given only a small bone, with bits of meat hanging from it, Piggy began to _____________ at it, trying to get even the least amount of nutrition he could
A. squawk
B. bristle
C. relentless
D. gnaw

20. The beasts back was covered with thick, coarse _______________.
A. Squawk
B. bristles
C. Relentless
D. gnaw
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