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Sumuroy Revolt

No description

Manuel Augusto Del Barrio

on 2 November 2013

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Transcript of Sumuroy Revolt

Sumuroy Revolt
About Juan Ponce Sumuroy
Leader Of Sumuroy Rebellion
Race: Waray
The Sumuroy Revolt
A.K.A Sumuroy Rebellion Juan Ponce Sumuroy
June 1, 1649
Palapag, Northern Samar
Implementation Of Polo Y Servicio
Places Involved
The Rest Of Visayas
(especially in places such as Cebu, Masbate, Camiguin, Zamboanga, Albay, Camarines)
Spaniards fought back with superior weaponry.
Sumuroy was eventually captured and executed in 1650
Attempts to Revive
His trusted deputy David Dula attempted to continue his revolt but was eventually wounded and captured then executed with his 7 key lieutenants in Palapag, Northern Samar. Which marked the end of the rebellion.
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