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cheryl manley

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of MY FAMILY TREE

By Reauna Hamlet
Where my Mom is from
My mom is from Barbados.
She first came to Canada in 1976, when she was 5 years old!
Where my Dad is from
My Dad is from Dominica.
He first came to Canada in 1979, when he was 6 years old!
How my Mom felt leaving her Country
My Mom felt sad to leave her Country.
It was winter in Canada and it had always been Summer in Barbados!
She had never been cold before.
How my Dad felt about leaving his Country
My Dad wasn't sad about leaving his Country but he was nervous.
It was Winter when he came to Canada and there was no Winter in Dominica.
The main food in Barbados
The main food in Barbados for my Mom was: Flying Fish, Cornmeal, Rice, Meat, Ackee and Salt fish.
Flying Fish
Corn Meal
The main food in Dominica
The main food in Dominica for my Dad was: Green Banana's, Fish, Dumplings, Plantains, Cornmeal and Homemade Breads.
Green Banana's
Homemade Breads
What my Mom enjoyed doing in Barbados
My Mom enjoyed going to the beach, going to school, playing with her friends, and going to the store.
What my Dad enjoyed doing in Dominica
My Dad enjoyed Playing, Getting water from the river, Eating dinner with his grandma, and going to the market.
Why my Dad chose to Canada
My Dad chose Canada because his Mom and Dad wanted a better life and more opportunities.
They chose Canada because they would get better jobs there.
Why my Mom chose Canada
My Mom's parent's chose Canada becase the could get better jobs.
Why my Mom left her Country
My Mom left her Country because her and her Family wanted to see what another Country would be like.
Why my Dad left his Country
Barbadian homes
Canadian homes
My Dad and his Mom, Dad and two sisters came to Canada because they wanted to see what another Country would be like.
Dominican homes
Canada homes
My ancestors are my Grandmother, Great Grandfather and Great Grand father
Who were/are my ancestors
Where my Mom and Dad settled in Canada. Why?
My Mom and her Mom, Dad and two sisters settled in Toronto.
They settled there because it was the largest city and job opportunities were very high.
My Dad settled in Toronto too!

Barbados flag
Dominica flag
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