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Robespierre & Reign of Terror

French Revolution

Olivia Lewis

on 1 December 2014

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Transcript of Robespierre & Reign of Terror

Robespierre &
The Reign of Terror

Maximilien Robespierre
Reign of Terror
September 5, 1793-July 27, 1794
*Dr. Joseph Guillotine
*Leader was Robespierre
Political Cartoon Activity
-Write down what you believe is the author's point.
-What is the mood of this political cartoon?
-What do you notice about it?
-What symbols do you see?
*Lawyer and Politician
*Nickname was "The Incorruptible"
*Represented the 3rd Estate then the National Assembly
*Believed in the ideas of the Enlightenment and changing the French Government
*Supported a Revolution and the creation of the Declaration of the Rights of Man and a new French Constitution
*Wanted King Louis XVI to be executed
*Ruled France as a dictator after King Louis XVI is executed
*Members of the radical political organization "Society of the Friends of the Constitution"
*Major group behind the Reign of Terror
*420,000 members throughout France
*Killed anyone who still supported the Monarchy
*Execution machine that killed a person quickly and humanely
*Considered to be more humane because the person would not feel anything
*Jacobins and National Convention found Louis XVI guilty of treason
*January 21, 1793 Louis XVI beheaded by the guillotine
*15,000 people died at the guillotine
*40,000 people died total
*Those hated or opposed to the Jacobins were tried for treason and executed EXTREMELY quickly
*Created by Robespierre and the Committee of Public Safety
*Changed the calendar - No Sundays!
End of the Reign of Terror
*Jacobins begin to be afraid
*No one is safe!
*Everyone turns on Robespierre and other high ranking officials of the Committee of Public Safety and he is arrested and executed by the guillotine (July 28,1794)
*Leads to a new type of government: The Directory
This is made up of 5 upper class men
The title of this political cartoon is "It is dreadful, but necessary." With your partner discuss whether you agree or disagree with that statement. Why or why not?
Write down the conclusion you reached.
Political Cartoon Activity Part 2
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