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No description

Jenn Sheppard

on 23 December 2010

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Transcript of Post-modernism

Mr. Breaton!... welcome you are now watching A simulation about... my postmodern life.... let us begin... post modern stuff here.... and then..... ...aand theeennn..... aaand....down here too..... HEY! what's that up there?...oh yeah more pomo. Are we having fun yet? Oh well too bad suck it up... 'Cause I'm having a blast!! Consumerism is starting to take over our lives. The life spand of products only last until a better, and newer modle comes around. In this video example, it explains the consumers problems and difficulties with the program Windows Vista and were eventually brought towards the Mac book. The Mac book claims to an easier operating system with its cool faced commercials as seen below. How am I an example of consumerism? I am surrounded by ads on the TV, computer, billboards, etc. Even we be come billboards, advertising company's logos. Here are some examples that I'm am "branded" by. By far one of the biggest simulacrums that is known by almost EVERYONE! Turn our life virtual you pomo addicts Metanarrative stuff here.

Why are you doing this project?
So I can get a good mark. Why must you get a good mark?
So I can pass the course. Why must you pass the course?
So I can graduate and further my education. Why must you graduate?
...so I can further my post secondary education. Why must you further your post secondary education?
So I can get a good job. Why must you get a good job?
So I can make money. Why must you make money?
So I can live. Why must you live?
Wtf kind of a question is that? What is life?
Wait what?... Socitey in Canada revolves around the idea of religion. Your parents force you to go to church against your will, sharing with me the theory/idea/belief - or whatever you want to call it.. You are force to sit there on uncomfortable wooden benches, surrounded by people you don't know - th old man in front of you has a horrible case of BO - and sing and pray to some unknown powerful imaginary force that claims to own us and our actions. You are forced to read the bible. You are foreced to pray before eating or before you sleep to "thank god" for what He has blessed us with. God created humanity. God created the world in the palm of his hand. God is the puppeteer and we are all his little pupets. For years when I was growing up, I was forced fed this strange idea of God by my parents. I was forced to go to "the house of God" to worship him. Quite frankly, I hated it. When I was young I was one of Gods Countless brainwahsed victims and followers... The sun is NOT the center of the universe, GOD is the center of the universe. Science is all a lie, don't question how God works. If you question or disobey God, you're in shit. You go to heaven if you are good, you go to hell if you are bad. We are all his children and he is our father.. I was a good christian little girl, but then it hit me...what the hell am I doing?! There is no heaven, there is no hell. There is no puppeteer and we are not his puppets. I do not thank him for this food, I thank the hard working farmers who produced this food. I thank my parents for paying for this food. There is no otherwordly, super powered being controlling me. I control me! For years as I grew up my parents continued to inlighten me on the idea of God. For years I have doubted it then and looked at all the heavy religious, god controls my every actions kind of people and what not, like they had lobsters crawling out of their ears. "What the hell are you people on?!Are you all stoned out of your minds!?" Boy, would I ever love to say this to all of "Gods" little followers For years I was presbyterian, but for years I was and still am atheist. Will I change my views int he future? Who knows. But for now I have literally thrown the idea of God out the window and said, "HELLO FREEDOM!" Do my parents know that I think this way? Nope. Do they believe that I am still presbyterian? Yup. Would I ever tell them? Hell no! God save me if they found out... you know this is true... epic Robot Chicken has to be one of the most postmodern shows I have ever seen. This show is filled ith black humor, irony, pastiche, intertexuality, and historical metafiction simulacrums based on every day events, hisorical events and even about video games and other shows. If Lil'Hitler wants that desk....you better give him that desk if not...he'll deal with you... Dont piss him off man! So that's what he's always saying to Ash! It all makes sense now! ... LMFAO!
I think it pretty much speaks for its self. Poor Mario, he's marinating in his own regu. "Therefore Postmodern social thought offers a strong emphasis on emotions, feelings, inition, reflection, speculation, personal experience, custom, metaphysics, magic, myth, and mystical experiences. More over, a postmodern society is peripherally driven by ideologies, and is often bent on challenging physical and metaphysical boundries." (Jessup) Wow, that couldn't be more true. EVERYONE is soooo emotional these days and they just let it out without thinking about how their rants can effect other people. They challeng the physical boundries by driving themselves to accomplish. Not only could Disney world be seen as a Simulacrum to escape the real world life - having been I know first hand what that experience is like - but it is also an example of postmodern social thought that emphasis the magic, myth and the mystical. (clearly) "This new culture of victimization has also led to a proliferation of addictions, a plethora of new psychological complexes/syndromes and a profliferation of rights groups" (Jessup) Jessup continues to talk about how rights are more so important then responsibility and expands into a competition between the victims and victimizers. This can be seen in MANY movies created to date.
Scott Vs the seven evil Ex's. This can be looked at in two perspectives.
1: Scott is the victim and the evil Ex's is the victimizers. All poor little Scott is trying to do is have a relationshop with Remona. But know, her Ex's have to get in the way and try to stop it from happening blah blah blah....poor Scott.
2: The second perspective could be taken as the Ex's could be the victims and Scott is the victimizer. It's a weak point but just food for thought. After all he is kickin' their asses... Okay so for Kickass it can basically be seen in the same way that I have already stated for Scott Pilgrim Vs the World. At first glance at these movies, its clear to see you are the victim and vicitimizer. But, if you dig just a little bit deeper you can see that all the people involved in Jigsaws games could be seen as victimizers aswell. They are there for a reason, they control people's lives and play god. Jigsaw tries to show them how they are just throughing life away at their cubicals chosing profit over human lives. But of course you always seem to get the people whom like to argue that Jigsaw is the one actually playing god. Just remember people that he does give them a chance to live, they just eff up and make the wronge decission. So...I haven't exactally seen this movie and I refuse to because he looks like cheese (sharp cheese at that too XD bahaha) but from my understanding he just goes around and kills people. I'm not clear on his motivations but nonetheles I think it would be safe to say that he is a victimizer. Baudrillard states that; "Postmodernism defines sonsumerism, making consumerism more problematic and a greater threat than it was under Modernism. Consumerism becomes a process of Self-identification, where people develop a sense of who they are and what they want to become through consumption" OMG! look at me! I'm a billboard! I buy brand name clothing because I'm a unique idividual that thinks this piece of clothing represents me!... Screw it who am I fooling? I'm just another victim of consumerism that makes me think that my stuff belongs t me, when really my stuff owns me...now I just made my brain hurt but lets hope this clears things up.... Alright sorry about that, I needed something to clear my head. Silly Carol, that kills people! Any ways...what were we talking about again? Oh yeah! I'll ask again, what is life?
uhm...pass? No. You must answet the question. What is life?
Why do I have to answer....? D: This is hard. That is to bad, now answer what is life?
Screw this shit! I'm done! I'm not answering this! Then you fail the test.
WHAT WAIT?! THIS WAS A TEST!?! I don't want to fail though! I still have a whole life to live. Then answer...the damn...question! What is life?!
I Told you I'm not answering that! I can't answer it cuz I don't know! Then you fail at life.
*facepalm* omg, you honestly have to be freakin kidding me. You are seriously going there... Is that a question?
Yeah, yeah it is. Now answer the question or you fail the test.. I can't.
OMG!!! WHY THE HELL NOT!! Because I'm you.
....omfg wtf kind of an answer is that! You know what, you fail.HA! how do you like them apples!? You do realize that by failing me, you failed yourself right?
..ah shit. And you do realize that you have just been arguing with yourself right?
...ah shit. Does this happen offten?
*sigh* yeah... Are you now willing to accept the fact that there is failure in life?
...*bigger sigh*...yeah... Good, you have passed the test.
...wait what?..... Everyone know what's what about Hitler. My favourite part is when the little Japanese boy comes in, bugs the American boy. Bahaha, perfect :D Pokémon is known by most people in our generation. And I'm sure the thought about what goes on in those pokéballs and what pokémon really say has crossed peoples minds It's a copy of the show Inspector Gadget. What else do you want? Oh yes! lets make him finally fall under Dr.Claws control. But do you know what is also another Iconic simulation?... Okay, those were fun but getting back on track now... Mass Consumerism in Disney. People are now under the impression that you can buy happiness. Not going to lie I am a victim of this as well. I surround myself with items that I think represent who I am as a person and how they express how I feel "Their rage to destroy images rose precisely because they sensed this omnipotence of simulacra, this facility, they have of earsing God from the consciousness ofpeople, and the overwhelming, destructive truth which they suggest; that ultimately there was never been any God; that only simulacra exist; indeed that God himself has only ever been his own simulacrum." (Baudrillard) "we can predict that anything in the constitated body of knowledge that is not translatable in this way will be andandoned and that the direction of new research will be dictated by the possiblity of its evenual results being translatable into computer language" (Lyotard) In Lyotards article about the postmodern condition: A Report on knowledge - he continuously states that knowledge is power. Communications, cybernetics, data banks etc are all under technological transformations. Knowledge cannot survive unchanged in general information unless: Knowledge New channel New channel New channel = operational Therefore knowledge + new channel = operational
= quanitites of information Examples of this formula can seen all over the internet. Traditional principles - such as communication - are be coming obsolete and will continue to do so with the grossly increasing knowledge behind technologies. Taking from this, that over the past decades, knowledge has been becoming the new principle force. Google is one of the most perfect examples, along side facebook, and youtube. Read the status updates Breaton. I think you might chuckle. Facebook is one of the largest growing social networks on the web to date. And the sad think about it, is that all the site is, is people commenting on what they are doing in that exact moment. Other sites of popped up over the years that are similare to facebook such as twitter.
One a side note, these sights can be very dangerous and has created a new predator. People can easily "lurk" you and can get all your personal information if you are ont careful Yeah it's annoying....screw Twitter. I could really careless how much you like pickles but it is SO TRUE! Everything it states is true. This IS how our generation communicates. And just for shits and giggles... But of course, when we aren't on the internet facebooking, or tweetting, we still have our phones with us so we can text. I think we might have to acctually get them surgically removed from our hands one day... It's kind of sad when you think about it. EVERYTHING our generation does has to invovle some sort of instant communication. In Burke articles, he discuses postmordern as a whole really - even though it is confusing and the movement is still a work in progress - he states how it affects art, philosophy, new times and post-industrialism. "Itellectually, there was the power of reason over ignorance, power of order over disorder and power of science over superstition." (Burke) Now how exactally could this be apply to MY own postmodern life...hmm well lets look further into the idea of power of science over supersition. Now by no means am I a supersition person. I do not believe in the theory of ghost, or spirits raisign from the bodies of the deceased, coming back to haunt the living. I'm sorry but once you're dead, you're dead. But that doesn't seem to stop everybody as they continue to make shows/movies about supersitious phenominas. Mystery Hunters is an example of one of these shows that relays on the belief of supersitiions to allow it to run on air. Let us re visit the idea of God for a moment. People whom worship God and truely under the impression that God has existed, that he has done everthing the bible says. but to be truthful, I find this really hard to believe. Again, I am a person of science, I need proff and yes there is that old saying of seeing is not always believing but hat is far from the point. The point is that there has never been any sciencetifical proof that such a person had existed. Sure we can assume the possibility that there was a similare person back in the day, but Ihonestly do believe that it was just an over elaborated story that was taken too far. Art Okay, so incase you were not aweare of this already Breaton, I am trying to get into visual arts after highschool. So of course, this is exactly how it will be fitting into my prezi. What you are seeing above in one of the most popular, well reconizable piece of postmodern art. As you can see along the bottom of the painting it reads "this is not a pipe" don't let it fool you because what it says is actually true. Its not a pipe silly, its a painting of a pipe. Yay for simulation pipes! As Burke arrgues in his article, Postmodern arts main features were art with a lack of depth and of meaning. Throughout the past decades, our cities architecture has taken a change completely out of the norm and is not keeping with what has been done traditionally. As you can see the architecture becomes an art form itself. The build is twisting and turning in ways that it seem as if it can't be possible and almost dream like. Hell, why have stairs inside when you cna stick them out of the building and eventually swrive them back in right? It is interesting because the new polished building is located next to an old house which is actually part of the AGO. Having been to the AGO myself I can say that it was a real treat being able to walk on such clever and interesting art. Not only has postmodern art influenced architecture, but it has also shown its face in the media scene with advertising, televeision and film Intertexuality - An Advertisment advertising for advertisments. Black humour, irony, patiche, metafiction, historigraphic metefiction, technocultre and hyperreality. paranoia, maxamlism...this show literally has it all. It's a movie simulating a video game, simulating compositional techniques of different aracade classics. and yet its still manages to give, adventrue, action, comdey, drama, romance. Damn. Lyotard
Science + technologies

- phonology
- communications
- cybernetics
- data banks
- telematics
= technological transformations
techn. trans. considerable impact on knowledge
knowledge can’t survive unchanged in general transformation

/ | \
new channels
= operational
therefore knowledge + new channel = operational
= quantities of information

“We can perdict that anything in the constituted body of knowledge that is not translatable in this way will be anbandaned and at the direction of new research will be dictated by the possibility of its eventual results being translatable into computer language”

Libraries = google
music stores = itunes
the old principle is becoming absolute and will become even more so.
knowledge is and will be produced in order to be sold.
over the past few decades knowledge has become the principle force of production

- problem allowed to overshadow indispensable stake in the worldwide competition for power
- fight for control
- access to and exploitation
- strategies on the one hand
- political and military strategies on the other
messages circulating around ti are rich in information and easy to decode.

- economy powers
- multi-national corporations
payment and investment knowledge
perpetual debt
social bond

status of knowledge should not accord value reality, but strategical value
scientific knowledge does not represent totality of knowledge
subordinated to the preventing powers

language game
no rules
no game
modification of one rule alters nature of the game
move that doesn’t work with the rules doesn’t belong to the game
to speak is to fight

social bond
paranoia of reason
realism of systemic self regulations judged paranoid only if one has/claims to disposal view points to principle immune the allure. Burke
Intellectually, there was the power of reason over ignorance
there was power of order over disorder
there was the power of science over superstition

Its main features are a lack of depth and of meaning
Goes with anything like a game with out rules
- Culturally
- Growth influence media
- television
- advertising
- film
= big changes
media is > communication as construct environment
| scale and ubiquity |
electronic reality

deals that slotted many disagreements they stressed fragmentary and plural characters of reality
no universal truths
legitimate power

New times
old production fordist -> post fordist = computers, technological information and computers

progression traditional -> modern manufacturing -> post- industrial = production goods take over economy
condertration of capital
growth of profession
regulation economy

- dominance manufacturing industry
- development of nation-state Jessup

advent pomo
end to a single world view
-war on totality
- resistance single explantation
-celebration particular
- exhilarating and threatening
myriad of meaning

- poly
search for truth with interpretations
stress power language over power science

emphasis emotions
- feelings
- intuition
- reflection
- speculation
- personal experience
- custom
- metaphysies
- magic
- myth
- mystical experiences
self triumphs
rights reinforces competition between victims and victimizers
a world with for more questions and no clear answers increasing reliance on violence as the solution to conflict
- fight club
- kickass
- scott pilgrim
truth becomes matters of individuality discretion
- risk-taking
- never placated qualms
- chronic uncertanity
People to believe lying neither right nor wrong is only generally wrong
nothing real exists, only codes, shadows of truth

people become who they are through what they consume

- gap = chic casualness
- BMW =automotive excellence
- nike = athletics
we learn again to respect ambiguity to feel regard for human emotions
reenchantment = elaborate simulations
- fantasy worlds
- real imaginary
-true and the false
an escape from the real world
truth = self satisfaction in growth + progress
incapacity to appreciate objects
- values
- self
fear for the future

- as long as intimate relationships are order, life will be fine.
love is bought/sold
social market exchanging
- individuals become objectified
- disposable features
confuse love + sensuality
- sensuality destroys individuality


generation of real without origin or reality
faible is useless
real is produced from genetic miniaturization is the dimension of simulation
to simulate is to feign to have what one hasn’t

- “for each form mental alienation there is a particular order in the succession of symptoms of which the simulator is unaware and in the absence of which the alienist is unlikely to be deceived”
- “their rage to destroy images rose precisily because they sensed this omnipotence of simulacra, this facility they have of erasing God from the consciousness of people, and the overwhelming, destructive truth which they suggest; that ultimately there has never been any God, that only simulacra exist, indeed that God himself has only been his own simulacrum”
reflection of a basic reality
masks and prevents a basic reality
masks absence of a basic reality
bears no relation to any reality whatever; it is its own pure simulacrum

Disneyland = perfect model
- plays of illusions
- an escape from reality

what is postmodernism
- and area of academic study in the mid 80s
-a term used to designate the era beyond mondernity
-age of faith and superstition followed by modern age the ---age of reason, empiricism and science.
-pomo age of relativity and newest form of pomo the age of holism and interdependence

refers to the intellectual mood and cultural expressions that are becoming increasingly dominant = postmodernism
refers to the era in which we are living the time when the postmodern outlook increasingly shapes our society = postmodernity

“We are in a period of transition in the borderlands between two epochs or periods of time marked by great infulence, with each time frame characterized by the prevalence of similar conditions on the earth.”
The first video was showing and example of historiographic metefiction with real events in history fictionalized.
the scond video Pastiche of the hit manga show Pokémon as well as intertexuality,playfullnes, black humour and irony.
The third video again was more pastiche, intertexuality, anachronisms and paranoia.
The forth video is again more pastihce, intertexuality, playfullness, black humour, and paranoia. Disney land is an escape from reality. It is filled with magic, bright colours, friendly characters and it blocks the outside world and sucks you into a place where dreams are made of. Having been there I am well awear of how the "powers" of Disney works. The Language game "The first is that their rules do not carry within themselves their own legitimation, but are the object of a contract, explicit or not, between player" (Lyotard) "The second is that if there are no rules, there is no game, that even an infinitesimal modification of one rule alters the nature of the game, that a "move" utterance that does not satisfy the rules does not belong to the game they define." (Lyotard) "To speak is to fight" (Lyotard) OKAY. Almost done here! thank god because prezi is starting to slow down because everyone is now trying to finish at the last minute. Anyways, moving on now.
The language game, we play this game EVERYDAY and don't even realize it. Every word hat comes out of your mouth is a move in the game. Take the dicussions about Fight Club in class for example. Every statement made is a move in the game to try and uncover more depth to what the actually surface of how the words read. Each statement pushes the next person forward to try and get more depth out of the discussion If you don't like that example of the language game, ok fine, be that way but here's something else to take into consideration. Flirting is another example that people are a little more conscious about. When a guy tries to filt with a girl, he's making (hopefully) well thought through INTELLEGENT words inorder to gain the girls interest. Since, our generation is pathetic and relays on technology FAR to much to communicated, here's an example of the language game through text messging. And now just for giggles, Here's an example of an msn conversation gone...well..slightly bad...
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