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Ryan Vega

No description

lib hist

on 27 August 2016

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Transcript of Ryan Vega

Medal of Honor Recepients
The Medal of Honor is the highest recomendation for any U.S. military personnel. This medal has onlyeen given to almost 3,400 men and one women. It represents honor, valor, courage, and patriotism. It is given to those who have shown these qualities in the field of battle.
Medal of Honor
To earn the medal of honor, Robert Bush risked his life to save the batallion lutenit. Mr. Bush joined the US Naval Reserve when he was 17 years on January 5th 1944, as an apprentice seaman. He fought in World War II.
Robert E. Bush
Paul Bucha was the leader of a newly formed company, Delta. At first he was the only one, until it started filling in with the rejects from other companies. He showed honor by stepping up as a leader to prevent his company from being overrun.
Paul Bucha
These two men showed honor by endangering thier lives to save their commerads.
Ryan Vega
These soldiers showed courage when they put others lives above their own, even though they were wounded and under fire.
They showed valor by showing their courage and bravery during battle.
They showed patriotism by showing their love and loyal support to there country by taking part in their country's military.
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