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Extended Project 2

No description

Amy Sample

on 25 February 2013

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Transcript of Extended Project 2

The process Speech Therapy Conclusion Stammering Affecting factors How is the modern world environment
affecting the development of speech and language
of our children? Where and how are speech and language processed in the brain? Genetic Biological Social Montessori Education The Bilingual Factor The Critical Language Development Period
and Feral Children Parental Influences Pre-term Birth Maternal Influences on Foetus Studying Twins Selective Mutism Speech and Language Difficulties Child Apraxia of Speech Contents What resources did I use? Successes and challenges Why did I choose this topic? Why did I choose this topic?
What resources did I use?
What were any challenges/successes which I had to face?
The processes of speech and language
Affecting factors of this development
Speech and language difficulties
Speech Therapy
Conclusion Grown up with peers who have struggled with this development

Volunteer work with young children

Interested to evaluate the main causes of various speech difficulties Reliability of sources Crossing over of topic and A Level course material Narrowing topic down (Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research) Psychology Department of University of York Language skills Speech skills environmental (vocabulary and grammar) genetic Maternal and foetal blood "There are many ways the adult can facilitate the acquisition of verbal language but we cannot directly teach it. Instead, we prepare the environment." A child will never learn to talk if the development of speech and language doesn’t happen by the stage of puberty
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