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Imperialism in Nigeria

No description

John Khang

on 13 March 2014

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Transcript of Imperialism in Nigeria

Before, During, and After The

Presented By:
Brandon Charriere
James Shirley
& John Khang

Had no previous names except
"Colony and Protectorate of Nigeria".
Nigeria was named after the
river, which was named after the
Berber language
which was language indigenous to Northern Africa.
Why did Britain Imperialize?

Britain imperialized Nigeria partially so
France and Germany couldn't have it.

They also wanted more areas for
trade, slave labor, and overall power.

Britain treated the people in Nigeria horribly. When they came
they forced Nigerians into slavery

Imperialism lead Nigeria to eventually become an
independent self-governing country
Imperialization of Nigeria

Britain imperialized Nigeria using
colonization, sphere of influence, economic influence, and protectorate.
Why else
did Britain Imperialize?

Britain was interested in opening markets for
manufactured goods and expanding commerce
in palm oil.

Nigeria has one of the
very best economies in Africa

They are
and Independent.

There was
no well defined government
until a sultanate was established in 1650 called the
Waidi Sultanate.

Slave tradeing
occuring in Nigeria, between the 16th and 18th centuries, by the Britains who were using transatlantic trade routes even before they imperialized Nigeria.

British tried to hold indirect rule over the Nigerians, however some groups were
of having their powers limited by the British and
attempted to revolt against them
Treatment of Nigerians:

Britain did nothing to try to
preserve the vast number of cultures in Nigeria
Before Imperialization
Nigeria was a collection of
diverse peoples together in one location,
ranging from 250-400 different ethnic groups.

Some of these people belonged to the largest groups, the
in the north,
in the southwest, and
in the southeast.
Before Imperialization
Treatment of Nigerians
Britain's Control
Imperialism's Effects on Nigeria
Nigeria Today

Imperialism affected Nigeria in a
way due to Britain taking over and controlling all of Nigeria, Nigeria's
loss in their culture and land
, and Nigerians being
forced to become slaves
to the
Located in
West Africa
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