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Lytchett Minster Geography Edexcel Yr 11 Masterclass - Water Oceans

No description

Bob Salter

on 21 May 2018

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Transcript of Lytchett Minster Geography Edexcel Yr 11 Masterclass - Water Oceans

Unit 1 Exam
Unit 1
A small scale intermediate technology solution in the developing world
Oceans on the Edge
For a named marine ecosystem, explain why people may disagree about its management. (6)
Describe the benefits of a named small-scale water management project. (4)
The exam paper
Follow the instructions
Battle for the Biosphere
The value of tropical rainforests and a sustainable management scheme
A large scale water management solution
Lytchett Minster Year 11 Masterclass
Watch the marks available
2 marks = 2 points OR 1 point developed
4 marks = 1 point developed + 1 point developed
(try to include an example if possible) or one point developed in detail
6 marks = 2 or 3 clear points developed in detail,
exemplified in detail
Climate and Change
Hazardous Earth
One volcano (primary and secondary, economic and social effects): ______________________________
(Evaluate role of monitoring, prediction and evacuation,
as well as immediate response / relief effort for one of these)

Two earthquakes (primary and secondary effects, with reasons for contrasts in these)



Economic and environmental impacts of future climate change on named developing country

Climate of UK and possible future changes, including ocean currents, plus economic and environmental impacts

Short-term historical climate change event (impact on people and the environment):

The Little Ice Age
Impact on people Impact on the environment

The primary and secondary impacts of :
a developing world earthquake
a developed world earthquake
Short-term historical climate change event
Impact of a climate change event in GEOLOGICAL time
Economic and environmental impact of climate change in a developing country
8 marks = Evaluate / assess.
[REMEMBER - two hands]
Command Words
answer ALL
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