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Friction can be harmful or helpful

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Michele Fishman

on 29 September 2014

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Transcript of Friction can be harmful or helpful

Friction can be harmful or helpful
How does friction affect a car?
-without friction the tires could not push against the ground to move the car forward and the brakes could not stop the car.
-Friction can cause problems
-friction between the engine parts increases the temperature and causes parts to wear down. you need to add a coolant to keep it from overheating

Friction harmful and helpful in the real world
-holes in your socks and holes at the knee of your jeans.
-friction between your pencil and paper.

Sometimes necessary to reduce or increase friction
-one way to reduce friction is to use lubricants
-lubricants are substances that are applied to surfaces to reduce friction between them.
Example- motor oil, wax, grease
-you can reduce friction to make surfaces that rub against each other smoother.
Example- if a bench has rough wood it is painful for you to slide across it. If we sand down the wood it makes it smooth and more comfortable to slide across.
Increase Friction
-make the surface rougher.
-example-sand scattered on icy roads keeps cars from slipping.
increase the forcepushing the surface together.
example- to ensure that your magazine does not blow away at the park you put a rock on top of it.
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