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Mission to Mars

No description

Ian Smith

on 28 October 2015

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Transcript of Mission to Mars

Secret National Aeronautics Space Administration
Physical and Requirements to Become an Astronaut
1. Astronauts must be free from any disease.
Gravity Forces
Mission to Mars
By, Rachel
and Ian
The Colony
Materials would be osmium (wall and sphere), platinum (wall), lead, tungsten and polystyrene. They will be used as the wall and insulator.
There Will also be a rotating sphere to generate gravity. walls are layered with the different materials
We are SNASA and it is our job to get Mr.Ryan to mars. Our task included building a space shuttle and sustainable colony on mars. As well as figuring out all the little details such as when and where is take off. And how long will the trip take and more.
(how can they sleep when they are floating in space?)
( Do they need special clothes while living and working inside the space shuttle?)

What kind of fuel does a space shuttle use?

The Space Shuttle's large External Tank is loaded with more than 500,000 gallons of super-cold liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen, which are mixed and burned together to form the fuel for the orbiter's three main rocket engines.

2. Must function all the joint in the body.
3. You don’t have to be fully strong and athletic .
Escape plan for Astronauts
1. Astronauts must practice emergency evacuations.
2. The Escape plan for us - If something happens the space capsule will separate from the rocket and then the parachutes will be released and it takes less than 2 minutes to reach the surface
The Environment of Space and Mars Affects Humans
Gravity's affect on humans
Mars Atmosphere
Mars's Climate
Temperatures and Seasons
Muscle atrophy
Cardiovascular damage
Skeletal damage
Gravity is 62.5% less than earth
100 lbs becomes 38 lbs
Harsh and Cold
Father from the sun than Earth
95.32% Carbon Dioxide
2.7% Nitrogen
1.6% Argon
0.13% Oxygen
0.08% Carbon Monoxide

100x Thinner than earth
Cannot retain thermal energy
Average temperature -60 degrees C
Frost at night
Humidity can reach 100%
Galactic cosmic rays
Solar energetic particles
Genetic defects
Harm fetuses and embryos
Damage the nervous system
Average temperature -60 degrees C
Up to 100% humidity
Four seasons:
Spring - 7 Months
Summer - 6 Months (20 C to -73 C)
Fall - 6 Months
Winter - 4 Months (-125 C)
Wind and Storms
Wind during summer 5-16 Mph
Wind during fall 11-22 Mph
Maximum wind speed 60 Mph
Giant dust devils:
Oxidized iron dust
Largest dust storm in solar system
Blankets entire planet
Lasts for months
Changes in atmospheric pressure and overnight temperature
No wind chill
Surviving Mars's Environment
Super critical Co2
Artificial Photosynthesis
Oxygen generator
Dry ice (Solid Co2)
South Pole
Reverse osmosis
Martian Soil
2014 study
Gene Splicing Plants
Gene Splicing (Plants/Food)
Ultraviolet rays
Pressure on Mars
Cold resistant bacteria
Andes mountains
Atmospheric Pressure
Drought suicide
High levels of g-force can damage the body
All, must take g forces training because if they don’t they wouldn’t be able to survive.
Shuttle’s structure - three main parts
500 dollars
The three space shuttle main engines
False gravity: Big rotation sphere of osmium, extremely high density.
Good nutrients are a must if you are staying several months in space.
Also you must take all nutrients like protein, vitamins, minerals etc
Pressurized dome: we will build our main colony above ground, and have bits leading underground on an arch.
Location on Mars: dust storms can cause problems, we are elevated on a mountain like surface to avoid them when still getting the sunlight that we can use
Exercise and Muscle Mass
Exercise is very important for astronauts.
Since there is not a lot of weight lifting, astronauts should exercise to regain their strength.
The three main exercise equipment that we must do to maintain our muscles and bones are: The cycle ergo meter which is similar to a bicycle. The treadmill which is used for walking, jogging, running etc. The ARED (Advanced Resistive Exercise Device) which is used for exercises like squats and push ups.
At 3g, you can still reach switches (with some effort).
At 9g, your blood struggles to reach the brain.
At 18g, you wouldn't be able to survive.
The kinds of foods crew members eat aboard the space shuttle are the foods prepared here on Earth.
O2 and CO2
Mars is mostly composed with carbon dioxide
Composition of mars air is 95% Carbon Dioxide, 3% nitrogen and trace amounts of oxygen and water. The destiny of the Martian atmosphere is only 1% of Earth
A person breathe 7 to 8 litres of air per breath. There is 20% of Oxygen in the air. When you exhale you breathe out 15% of Oxygen. So you consume 5%.
4. If your vision is not perfect you must wear contact lenses.
The examples of good nutrients are fruits, vegetables, bread, meat etc. But do not eat stuff like cake much because it only makes you fat.
Launch Date
Launch Location
Length of Flight
How will we travel through the solar system?
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