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Sales Tax

No description

Candice Lacey

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Sales Tax

Sales Tax As the BrainPop video said, everytime you buy
something (in general), you pay a small tax. The amount of sales tax
that you pay can change
depending on where you
are shopping. We will say
today that sales tax is 7%. This means that for every $1
you spend, you have to pay an ADDITIONAL $0.07 To find the total bill, you can take
7% of your cost and add it to your
original amount Let's try some examples $24.98 $0.96 $37.50 $62.82 $1,200 $51,970 So sales tax = $0.20 Your task: pick 3 items to "buy"
and find the subtotal, tax and total
after adding on the sales tax Notice that you will need to round up to the
nearest penny or hundredths place.
So 0.1974 becomes 0.20
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