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Copy of Presentation

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Amal Amine

on 20 July 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Presentation

NGN110 Competition Fall 2012 Ping Pong Ball Sorter Challenge 1st Design 2nd Design 3rd Design Specifications Group 2/ Recitation 1
Team members:
Kareem Ibrahim ID: 48925
Dana Ibrahim ID: 48965
Amal Amine ID: 49422
Salma Elsawah ID: 43337
Fadi Nawar ID: 48308 Alternative
Solutions Alternative Solutions Decision Decision The ping pong sorter was an NGN 110 project

Groups were asked to design a sorter that filters nine balls in to three different categories
according to their weight.

Putting the project in a form of a competition motivated teams to put their best efforts and made them learn to work together. Introduction 1.9 cm 25 cm 20 cm 10 cm 54 cm 2.5 cm 5 cm 10 cm 5 cm * 1 Path system consisting of 2 parts.
* Controlling the speed using inclination.
* Filtering by adjusting the distance between rubber bands. * More complex.
* Wider space.
* More rubber bands.
* Heavier. * 2 different sections.

* Different inclinations.
* Lightest.

* Simplest Design Process Results •Looking at the criteria, the most reasonable model was alternative 1
•All nine balls were sorted accordingly into three spate trays
•It weighed the least out of the two models - 167g Conclusion •This project has taught us various things such as patience and team work skills
•The NGN 110 competition was very competitive but we managed to win the 6th place
•Weight of the model was a major criterion in the completion, apart from having to sort all nine balls. Sketching Modeling Building •Work on the project and finish it on time
•Schedule meetings
•Meet the specified criteria.
Identification of a need •Build an effective ping pong ball sorter that sorts 9balls into 3 separate containers

•Light weight

•Materials allowed
Defining the problem •Refer to internet , Library, YouTube videos
•Consulting Professors in Mechanical Engineering Department and other students
Search Constraints •time limit.
•light weight.
•limited craft materials.
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