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Citing Sources Using MLA

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Andaiye Reeves

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of Citing Sources Using MLA

Citing Sources Using MLA Style

List the complete title of the article, essay, or book.
Alphabetize your list by authors’ last names or the first main word in a title.

Parenthetical Citations… a system in which you cite the source in parentheses immediately following the information.
in your paper.
Four Common Citations:
Author and page number (Murray 27)
Title and page number ("Red" 19)
Page number only (19)
Secondhand quotations (qtd. in Brown 45)

The first word of your citation must match the corresponding entry on your Works Cited page!

What needs to be cited?
A direct quotation
A statistic
An idea
Someone else’s opinion
Concrete facts not considered “common knowledge” or information not commonly known
Information taken from the computer (databases, internet, etc.)

Format for Printed books, one author:

Format for an online video clip:

Format for Articles in a Weekly Magazine:

A Citation is: documentation of where you found the information included in your paper.
The Modern Language Association (MLA) style is: a guide for academic writing. Specifically it deals with ways to cite the writer’s source materials and the format of the paper.
A Bibliography or Works Cited Page is the last page of an academic paper that lists all the sources used to write the the paper.
Citations In Your Research Papers
As a writer, it is your responsibility to give credit to your sources. It is also important that you give credit in accordance with MLA style. Failing to give proper credit to a source, is considered plagiarism.
Format for Articles in a Scholarly Journal:

Format for online book-length works, one author:

Format for an article or work found in a database:
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