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This Is Me!

No description

Isaac Stewart

on 9 January 2018

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Transcript of This Is Me!

I love music, I spend most of my free time playing songs on instruments. I'm usually always listening to music when I'm by myself and I'm constantly trying to learn new songs to play.
In pretty much every presentation I've made in this class I've put a slide that is just ducks. I plan to continue this with this presentation and every other one after it for this class.
A lot has happened last year and I've been getting into so many new things one of which is writing. I've started to get an interest in writing books, stories, and lore of different things that come to my mind.
I like food. I enjoy cooking and of course eating and its something that I guess calms me down . My favorite type of foods is breakfast and desert cause they're sweet most of the time.
I have anxiety and it doesn't like when I go talk to some random person or to someone for help but eh I don't care. I love talking to people and yes I do get really anxious with new people but once I get to know them and hang out with them more I just want to talk all the time.
I tend to draw a lot when I'm bored. I usually will draw on class work during school or in the middle of the night when everyone is asleep. When I draw I usually never have a plan, I just draw whatever comes to my head first even if its just sketches that cover the whole page.
Games I Guess
I do play some video games and I play them kinda often but I don't really care much for them. I'll play a game with my friend for a few hours and then get off and go do something else that keeps my attention for a longer time. I do enjoy playing them just not for six hours straight like some people do.
This Is Me! Kinda
Isaac Stewart
Over the past year I have gotten even more musical than before. I've learned many new instruments or have started to learn them and I've started singing and performing at a Cafe.
When I'm not playing music I like to listen to it. I listen to many different types of music but it's mostly just a few bands. These bands are The Script, Passengers, Imagine Dragons, and NF.
I don't tend to use much color in my drawings, I only really use pencil and pen. I don't like using paint or markers and color pencil never works out with me so I tend to have everything I draw be black and white.
Lately I've been drawing a lot more than usual and most of it is just sketches of humanoid figures. Till now I've never been able to draw anything humanoid it was always dragons and spaceships and other pointless things. Now I'm mostly drawing humans in scenes that show great emotion, well I attempt to anyway,
This isn't the start of this duck obsession, before this class when I was living in Japan, I'd always ask my dad to make me duck shaped pancakes or to get me a muffin in the shape of a duck I ever knew why but I did.
I honestly don't know what went on in my head when I started this obsession with ducks but I don't really care. It's funny and it makes people entertained so I'm gonna keep doing it.
A lot of this writing is just random thoughts that occur in my head that I put on a piece of paper. Sometimes I'll write down something that I like and I'm interested in and Ill expand upon it.
When I do write something I tend to do it on paper in cursive and make it kinda sloppy so others can't read it as some of it is personal. I never actually finish any of the things I write, the longest one was three chapters of a book called Luna.
I do cook when I can and I usually don't follow a specific recipe when I do. I just get a pan and throw something together that a believe will be good and most of the time it comes out to be good.
My favorite food of all is cheese cake. I love cheese cake and when I see it I cant help but crave it. Even when I'm doing nothing to do with food I'll randomly crave cheese cake. It's good.
When I do play a video game it's usually the same things over and over again, I don't have much variety when it comes to video games that I play. These games are usually Warframe, Minecraft, Halo, Elite Dangerous, and Smite.
My favorite game to play is Halo, I love Halo and I don't think I'll ever hate it or stop playing it. It's one of the first games that I have ever played and I still play it. My favorite Halo game is ODST cause I like the way the story of it is played. There is a lot of people saying Halo is dying cause of 343 but they're just the loud party, I don't thing 343 is killing Halo honestly they're just learning how to make it better and I think they've done a good job.
I do try to talk a lot but I am a quite person so I'm usually silenced by someone that is louder then me which most everyone is. I don't get my point out a lot and it's kinda annoying but if it was important then I'd get it out and you'd know when I've gotten my point across.
When people do listen to me talk it's usually something completely random or it's something serious. I do tend to rant if people let me talk and once I start to rant then I'll rant till someone stops me so yeah.
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