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Barbara Uribe

on 14 February 2014

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Transcript of Fundraiser

Fundraiser For Autism
The event we are doing is a fundraiser for Autism.Our purpose of setting this up is get enough profit to donate it to a poor facility that takes care of people with Autism. We plan to have a party that has dancing,drinks,raffle,and lots of fun.

Revenue Analysis
Cost Analysis
Break-Even Point
Business Plan and
Profit Analysis

Drinks & Cups
Drinks & Cups
Poster Material
Drinks & Cups
We plan to sell tickets at $10. We predict that 100% of the attendees will buy tickets. We will be expecting $10 per customer. The money we make would be use to pay the venue.
We plan to do a raffle to raise more money for the cause. The 3 prizes costs about $75. We predicted 70% of people will buy tickets. So the cost for each person person is $0.11x
We will charge $1.50 per drink. We predict that 90% of attendees will buy drinks. We will be earning about $1.35 per per person.
The equation of the costs
We will be selling raffle tickets for a $1.00 per ticket. We predict that 70% of the attendees will buy tickets. We suspect that we will be earning $.70 per customer.
The venue we picked costs $3,300 dollars for 500 people. It includes security, tables and chairs.
=$12.05 per attendee
This means we could make an equation y=12.05x.
Y= the profit that we will make and x= the number of people we will be expecting.
We want to get 10 posters to advertise the fundraiser. The average price for each poster is $19. So we would spend about $190 on posters.
We will by selling drinks. We have to buy the cups and the soda. The expense per person will be $0.47. We believe 90% of people will buy. We expect it will cost 0.43 per person.

The equation would be
0.54x+3490. The slope is 0.54x and the y-intercept is 3490.
Profit Equation
Number of Customers
Our slope is 12.05x and our y- intercept is 0.
This is our breaking even point. We put both of our cost and revenue equation togther.We need 304 people to get back our money.
We expect 500 people to attend our event:
For our revenue will be
For our costs it will be

We get our profit we need to subtract our revenue with our costs.

Our slope is 0.54x and our Y-intercept is 3,490.If we don't get customers we would have to pay $3,490.
We find the profit equation by subtract the revenue and costs equations.
The black line is our profit so if
we get 500 people we would get a profit of $2226.
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