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Ultimo Pyrmont

Assignment Presentation

Jay Phouisangiem

on 21 March 2011

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Transcript of Ultimo Pyrmont

Now Is The Time Ultimo/Pyrmont Investigate the Ultimo Pyrmont program and
how successful it has been in trying to create an urban renewal. Ultimo and Pyrmont are inner-city suburbs of Sydney, NSW; 2 kilometres from the Sydney CBD.It has a combined population of 15,142 and was recently on the Ultimo-Pyrmont program to increase population or urban renewal(the redevelopment of old urban areas with new buildings and improving infrastructure within the area), to avoid urban decline (movement of industries community services or people to another area, affecting the population numbers) and stop industries being the major site. AIM DESCRIPTION yay
Since the program started in 1994 many things have changed in the area:
I found that many people enjoy living in the new and improved Ultimo/Pyrmont.
Population has risen alot
Many of the industries have relocated from the area.
There is a lot more parks, family-friendly areas
employment rate has risen
government spending in 1992-1994 $18 million, now $223 million over the 10 year program my recommendation SUMMARY Continue supervising this project over the next couple of years as see if this porgram has worked and report all the information back, if this is successful we start a new and similar project to other areas which are facing the same problem and help them grow to become a community.' Just Do It' Reference List
GeoActive2 Chapter7.6
ACV field work excursion

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