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Anaerobic Respiration

No description

Marcos Garcia

on 31 January 2014

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Transcript of Anaerobic Respiration

Anaerobic respiration is a form of respiration using electron acceptors other than oxygen. Although oxygen is not used as the final electron acceptor, the process still uses a respitory electron transport chain.
What is Anaerobic Respiration?
What uses Anaerobic Respiration?
Why is it Important?
Anaerobic respiration plays a major role in the global nitrogen, sulfur, and carbon cycles through the reduction of the oxyanions of nitrogen, sulfur, and carbon to more-reduced compounds.
Why is Lactic Acid Important?
When you exercise you make lactic acid in your muscles. Lactic acid plays a critical role in generating energy during exercise. Lactic acid also provides fuels for many tissues. Lactic acid creates muscle pain short term and D.O.M.S. when you feel pain its because ion molecules cause pain to your muscles.
What is Lactic Acid?
Lactic acid is a chemical compound that plays a role in various biochemical processes. Lactic acid is a carboxylic acid with the chemical formula C3H6O3
What does it do?
Lactic acids provides fuels for many tissues, helps use dietary carbohydrates, and serves as fuel for liver production of glucose and glycogen.
Anaerobes use anaerobic respiration. They use it when there isn't any oxygen, some use anaerobic respiration others use fermentation. Organisms that use fermentation are called fermentative anaerobic organisms. They mostly use the lactic acid fermentation.

What is Alcohol Fermentation?
A biological process in which sugars such as glucose, fructose and sucrose are converted into cellular energy and thereby ethanol and carbon dioxide as metabolic waste products
Anaerobic Respiration
(Lactic Acid and Alcohol Fermentation)
What uses alcohol fermentation ?
The most common organism that uses alcoholic fermentation is yeast. Some types of bacteria and plants also use alcoholic fermentation.
Why is Alcoholic Fermentation important?
Alcoholic fermentation occurs in every day thimgs.Alcoholic fermentation occurs in the production of alcoholic beverages and ethanol fuel, and in the rising of bread dough.
Created By:

Tyler Hillocks
Marcos Garcia
Jefferson Diaz
Mohamed Bah
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