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Iain Hooper

on 6 April 2016

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Transcript of AARON DOUGLAS

Before the Renaissance
-Born 5/26/1899
-attended segregated schools until high school
-went to the University of Nebraska
-earned his degree and got a job as an art teacher in Kansas City
-retired from teaching to go to Paris and pursue his dream of becoming an artist
-took a detour to Harlem on his way to Paris, which would end up being a defining moment in his career

The Song of The Towers
Artistic Techniques Used
Symbolism: The Statue of liberty represents New York, the saxophone is the arts, and the light is hope, spectral hand is racism

Use of light: Good things are represented by light, for example the Statue of Liberty has light radiating from it.
Meaning as a Whole
It was a long and arduous journey, but the migrants from the south to Harlem have escaped the darkness and become a part of the light.
Idyll of the Deep South
-mother's paintings and drawings that she did in her free time

-German artist Winold Reiss, who offered him an apprenticeship when he arrived in Harlem, reason why he never made it to paris

Proportionality: people are larger than the statue because they are closer to our point of view
The Negro in an African Setting
Other Notable Works
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