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ELA Strategies: wk 3

No description

Kelly Bishop

on 15 July 2014

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Transcript of ELA Strategies: wk 3

Norms to Create a Culture for Thinking and Learning
ELA Strategies: wk 3
see handout

Purposes of Questioning
WAIT TIME 1: after asking a question before designating a student to answer
WAIT TIME 2: after a student responds, before the teacher reacts or comments
Wait Times
Studies show that about 25% of students do not participate in class at all, and 15% dominate class interactions.


What can we do to change that??

3 Cognitive Levels of Questioning
Remember what they
have learned

Do something with what
they have learned.
Use their imaginations to go beyond what they have learned or been told.
Purposes of Questioning
Wait Times
Essential Question
Hook Question
Diagnostic Question
Check for Understanding
Inference Question
Interpretation Question
Transfer Question
Predictive Question
Reflective Question

King Midas finds a satyr, keeps him for a week, and then returns him to the god Dionysis. Dionysis rewards Midas by granting him a wish. King Midas wants to be able to turn things into gold by simply touching them. He realizes the harm in this when he can't eat and when he loses his daughter, who is turned into a gold statue. He requests that his power be removed from him. When he returns home, he finds his daughter has returned to normal.

Give examples of others who have suffered because of greediness. Your examples can be real or fictional.

Recall, Use, or Create?

Who grants Midas the wish?

Recall, Use, or Create?

Write a biopoem of King Midas.

Recall, Use, or Create?
Quality Questions are...
Purposeful (What is the instructional purpose of the question?)
Have a clear content focus (What facts or skills are important? What do you want students to be able to know or do?
Engage Students at Varied & Appropriate Cognitive Levels (DOK or taxonomies)

"Alternate Response Formats"
1) Recitation:
choral response, thumbs up/thumbs down, hand signals, white boards
(good for drill & practice, checking for understanding)

2) Student Interaction:
numbered heads together, think-pair-share

3) Discussion:
peoplegraph, synectics, data on display, interview design, fishbowl discussion, and say-it-in-a word
Best way to assist thinking is to systematically provide ample time for students to think, without talking
3-5 seconds is ideal
Quality Questioning (Walsh & Sattes)
Strategies for student generated questions
*gallery walk
Wrap up:

Try an activity we learned about this week & be prepared to share next week.

Bring an ipad or laptop next week. (if you have one.)
What new strategy did you try this week?

How did it go?
m. socrative.com
room#: fisher-bishop
Uses metaphor to spark creative thinking and problem solving.

Is (topic of study) more like ice cream or spaghetti? Why? Share in a small group and share with the class.

Four Corners Synectics:

Select 4 metaphors and post one in each corner. Students will move to the corner and discuss and write.
Decide whether your vision of effective classroom questioning is more like:
a) deep-sea fishing
b) white-water rafting
c) mountain climbing
d) scuba diving
Effective classroom questioning is like __________ because....
*Numbered Heads Together
*swap talk
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