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Clara Barton

No description

frizzle frazz

on 29 April 2014

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Transcript of Clara Barton

For a long period of time Clara Barton worked in the Patent Office in Washington D.C.
She was one of the first woman who had a job in the government.
Clara loved to watch debates and always wished for woman to work freely.
Clara wanted to be in the action of the war and helping the wounded.
Soon she got involved in the Red Cross
Failures and Challenges
Missing soldiers was a big challenge
Clara worked for years to find the soldiers.
She went from state to state looking for information about the missing men
She found 20,000 men but felt like she had failed horribly.
Impact on Democracy
Education and Training
Before Clara went to school her family taught her a lot.
Clara Barton did her work well but did not like school.
Her parents sent her to boarding school so she could make friends.
When she was there she did not eat or sleep and was getting sick.
Major Accomplishments
Clara Barton Enforced the "Ladies of Aid" with the permission of Daniel Rucker.
She gained supplies from people in the country who believed in her.
Clara Barton needed a break from the battle field so she took a trip to Europe.
In Europe she met a man named Dr. Appia. He introduced her to the American Red Cross.
Birth and Childhood
Clara Barton was born on December 25, 1821. In North Oxford, Massachusetts.
Clara was the smallest of 5 children.
Stephen, David, Sally and Dorothea.
She also had a dog named Buttons.
Clara always gave everything she had and was yet very shy.
Clara Barton

Education and Training
Clara Barton went to high school
When Clara was 17 she wanted to be a teacher because she loved helping people.
Clara was sent to different schools to teach.
Clara Barton went to New Jersey and build a public school in Bordentown
200 children attended
Major Accomplishments
Clara then forced a movement to gain recolonization in the American Red Cross
After three hard years she finally got President Chester Aurthur to realize the American Red Cross can come to natural disasters too.
The first American Red Cross was then built August 22, 1882 in Dansville, Livingston country, New York.
The American Red Cross helped in the Civil war, floods, famine's, tornado's, and other wars.
Clara showed what woman were capable of.
Got supplies without government help and with only the power of the people.
She fought to make people change there minds about women being able to go to the battle front.
Sadly, Clara Barton died at age 91 on April 12, 1912
Her death was in Glen Echo, Maryland.
Clara Barton died of Pneumonia.
Birth and Childhood
Clara went to school when she was 4.
She was very shy in school and got scared in front of new faces.
When she wasn't at school she would play with dolls and cook with her mother.
Clara learned she wanted to help people when she was older, after she cured her brother David.
"Angel of the Battle Field. "

Failures and Challenges
during war it was very hard to get supplies like blankets and medicine
It was always hard for Clara Barton to meet new people.
She had poor record keeping and failed at file reports
there was also suspicion that donated funds were used for her personal benefits made loss in public trust and that made it challenging to get supplies.
Clara Barton's main legacy is creating the American Red Cross and the effort she had in doing it.
Also she is remembered as the Angel of the Battlefield and for always lending a hand.
Clara Barton was a shy girl who became strong.
Impact on Democracy
Clara Barton explained why signing in with the International Red Cross was the best thing for America to do.
Convincing the government wasn't easy, but Clara soon made them part of the International Red Cross
Work Cited
Clara Barton. New York: Chelsea House, 1988. Print.
Ross, Ishbel. Angel of the Battlefield: The Life of Clara Barton. New York, NY: Harper, 1956. Print.
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