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Tim Cook Leadership Presentation

No description

Hadley Thomas

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of Tim Cook Leadership Presentation

Tim Cook Leadership Presentation
OLS 274

Who Is Tim Cook?
Tim Cook is the Current
CEO Apple Inc.

#35 on Forbes
Most Powerful List

Quiet, Driven,

Who Tim Cook is NOT...
What Defines Tim Cook as a Leader?
Personal Integrity
Effective Communicator
Problem Solver
Emotional Intelligence
Does that List Look Familiar?
Tim Cook exudes all the qualities
we defined as a class, to be a...


anyone surprised by that?
Tim cook is not Steve Jobs, but he doesn't want to be.
He is a quiet leader, but a force to be reckoned with.
He delegates. He values the intelligence on his team.
He wants Apple to be transparent, stockholders appreciate that!
He stands behind his people and company. He is fiercely protective of Apple's identity.
He gives his employees the chance to excel, but wants them to celebrate privately.
He knows Apple inside and out, and people respect that!
He's Engaged (Not that kind of Engaged...)
Leadership Examples
Tim regularly eats lunch will all the employees in the Apple Cafeteria, He likes the social Interaction.
He's Genuine
He is willing to admit his mistakes, Does anyone with an iPhone remember the IOS 6 Map, catastrophe?

His communication Style
He believes that being transparent is important
He reads feedback from customers
He stops and thinks before speaking... However, sometimes his words are harsh.
He has been known to skewer with a sentence...
Started at IBM in 1992, he worked for them for 12 years
After being pursued by Steve Jobs, he came to apple in 1998, as Sr. VP of Worldwide Operations
2004, He took over the Macintosh Division, Also became interim CEO
2007, He was promoted to COO
2011, Promoted to CEO, and took over for Jobs
Man this guy knows his stuff
What he looks for in his employees.
Says a lot about him!
Leadership continued
He is no non-sense.
He was in a meeting discussing a problem in China, it was a bad situation, and mentioned someone should be fixing it. 30 Minutes later, he looked at his operations manager, and asked "Why are you still here?", The Manager was on the next flight to China... OUCH!
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