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OER17: Factors that contribute to Faculty adoption of OER in the Un

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Virginia Coleman-Prisco

on 25 April 2017

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Transcript of OER17: Factors that contribute to Faculty adoption of OER in the Un

What do you think faculty believe are the most important factors for OER innovation and adoption?

What has your experience been like?
The Study
The goal of this mixed-method research study was to examine the adoption process and use of Open Educational Resources (OER) in higher education.

The study used Rogers’ (2003) Diffusions of Innovations theoretical framework to guide the description of the innovation and adoption process of OER.

In order to identify the connection between the creation and continued adoption of OER, certain aspects such as the characteristics of OER, the innovation-decision process, and the kind of supports institutions should provide have been investigated.
Data has been collected for this study from targeted organizations that have participated in a Next Generation Learning Challenges grant funded project.

This study used a mixed methods explanatory sequential descriptive design with a quantitative method which informed a subsequent qualitative method that produced detailed findings.
Personal Faculty Experience: Pros
Findings: 5 Themes
Factors that contribute to Faculty adoption of OER in the United States, a mixed-methods study.
Virginia Coleman-Prisco, Ed.D.
Emily Seibert
Mercy College, NY

Next Steps?
Initial Skepticism
Enjoyable creative process
Materials customized to learning outcomes
Improves student learning
Aids assessment process
Support is hindered by LMS and lack of administrative resources
Faculty buy-in is limited because the materials are not "plug and play"
Adoption and curricular synthesis require time and effort from faculty
Limits faculty academic freedom

Find resources for time and effort
Improve 5Rs (retain, reuse, revise, remix, redistribute)
Continue to expand repository
Open Education Pedagogy
Ideas from the audience?
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