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Small Business Management

Business Idea

Penelope Abnett

on 18 November 2012

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Transcript of Small Business Management

By Penelope Abnett #00047654T Business Idea C - E - A CONVENIENT Saves $$$$$ Efficient Providing learning material all in one location All in one Did you know? In 2011, 3 million Australians aged 15-64 are enrolled in a course of study 40% of all students are aged between 15-19 yrs US!! Business Idea focuses on... Why don't students buy learning supplies? 1. Too EXPENSIVE 2. Not enough SUPPLY Student Rental Services Renting learning materials to
on-campus students How to fill the GAP? Specifically designed for William Blue & APM students Ease of mind Useful for in-class tutorials, exams, & assignments C - E - A Saves time Saves the environment C - E - A Weaknesses First time business owner Materials get out-dated Online competitors already in the market Future Perspectives for the business Operate online Advantages Contributes to the community Run by a student for students Value-creating the supply chain Expand business to other private hospitality colleges in Sydney Technology: create an application on smart phones to make textbook orders "The library ran out of the Business Law textbook ....how am I going to pass the exam now?" "Are you ready for the Business Law exam?"..."should be easy with the textbook"... "My oh my, I only have $10 to search for the cheapest calculator for Accounting class tomorrow!" MGT 305 Small Business Management 39% are undertaking a Bachelor Degree - increase from 17% to 25% 3. Inconvenient of time and cost to find the cheapest learning materials (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2012) (Source:ReviewSaintLouis, n.d) (Source: Roy Morgan Research, 2012) (Source: Hipstercrite, 2012) (Source: The Association of Australian Hotel Schools, 2011) (Source: Facebook, 2012) (Source:TacticaIIP.com, 2012) (Source: 123RF Limited, 2006-2012) Reference List
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ReviewSanintLouis. n.d. NBC Hands Out Renewals for “Community”, “The Office”, and “30 Rock”, Available: http://www.reviewstl.com/nbc-hands-out-renewals-for-community-the-office-and-30-rock-030510/ (accessed 11 November 2012).

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TacticaIIP.com. 2012. Dollar-sign, Available: http://tacticalip.com/2012/04/12/patent-grabs-continue-why/dollar-sign/ (accessed 7 November 2012).

The Association of Australian Hotel Schools. 2011. William Blue College of Hospitality Management, Available: http://www.aahs.com.au/members/members9.htm (accessed 6 November 2012). (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2012) (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2012) (Source: Acclaim Imagery, Ltd. n.d.) Textbooks Calculators Laptops Dictionaries Business Suits What does the service provide? Renting a variety of learning materials for subject learning:
English Dictionaries
Business Suits Flexible rent period: 13 weeks (91 days)
Cheap and affordable
Saves time
Ease of mind
Supplies materials all in one shop service Features: service Benefits:
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