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Freshcipe Presentation

No description

Victoria Johnson

on 4 February 2015

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Transcript of Freshcipe Presentation

Traits of Millennials

- Connected
Needs of Millennials

-instant gratification and recognition
-heavily reliant on word of mouth
Important Values to Millennials

Get to know the Target Audience: Millennials

4P's- Product
4P's- Place

Consumer Science 657
discover. create. share. enjoy.

Survey Results
93% would like to eat healthier

76% make an effort to eat healthier:

90% shop every other week or more

Madison Fresh Market is the most shopped at grocery store
56% Would try a new product if it had discount

66% Like to use coupons

76% Enjoy Cooking Meals

88% Wish they cooked more homemade meals

91% Want to expand cooking skills

63% Don’t have the right ingredients when they want to cook
Majority of Food Bought (ranked)
1. Fruits
2. Vegetables
3. Grains
4. Dairy
5. Meats
6. Drinks
7. Frozen Produce
7. Canned Food
4P's- Promotion
4P's- Price
Free Application

Traditional Media Advertising
Internet Advertising
Promotion Events
Sampling Day (Weekly)
- Samples of featured recipe
- Users get discount
Monthly Raffle Drawing
- "join the app to win $10 coupon booklet!"
Weekly Recipe Competition
- shared recipe on FB and Twitter & Instagram
- win $15 gift card and fame!
The Freshcipe Database
Coupons available each week for the featured item
Other healthy food coupons offered on a regular basis
Victoria Johnson, Taylore Ransom, Paige Krueger, Jennifer Lin, Lauren Buswell, Suzanne Barnett
- Fresh Receipt
- Badger Coupon Booklet
- Poster

Pinterest Integration
Recipes From Websites of Manufacturers
Direct User Submissions
Fresh Madison Market
Available to all smart phones

- Website, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook
3 Strategies
1. In-App Advertising
2. Sponsorship
3. Account Upgrades
clear way of navigating
easy functionality
short and catchy
captures users imaginations...
brings to mind healthy foods;
something exciting, something new!
located in heart of campus
open 7 days a week until midnight
home delivery
Freshcipe's Homepage
'Recipe Competition'
'Browse Recipes'
'Your Recipe Box'
'Featured Recipes'
'Save Big & Scan'
'Make It Your Own'
- custom recipe card layout
- name of recipe, ingredients, and preparation steps
- user will receive notification if they are a winner
- program search results of recipes to specific needs
including gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, anemic, low sodium, specific intolerances including lactose intolerance, and specific allergies inducing milk, eggs, soy, wheat, shellfish, etc.
- view selected recipes, ingredients needed, and directions how to prepare it
- rate the recipe on a scale of 1-5
- displays monthly winning recipe
- displays weekly recipe
- a coupon list incorporating all ingredients needed in recipes from 'Your Recipes Box' that are eligible for a coupon
-simply scan all-inclusive barcode at checkout: one bar code, multiple coupons
*added bonus for users: scan any food item in the grocery store for coupon eligibility
- search and scroll through recipes
- photographs of the recipes along with...
name of the recipe, an approximated amount of preparation and cook time, a number rating the recipe 1-5, and an 'easy, moderate, or hard' indicator
- 'Add to Recipe Box'
SWOT Analysis: Freshcipe
"Discover, Create, Share, Enjoy."
- Attractive to as many users as possible
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