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Cutout Animation

No description

Kelseyann Henry-Peart

on 13 April 2011

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Transcript of Cutout Animation

Cut-Out Animation What is cut-out animation? A technique that produces animations with flat characters, props, backgrounds etc
Characters were created from materials such as paper,stiff fabric,cardboard
Pieces are usually drawn
Easier to manage financially History of cut-out animation One of the oldest forms of animation
Easiest to create
The worlds earliest known animated films were created using the cut-out method by a man named Quirino Cristiai(July 2 1896-August 2, 1984)
He was the first to create animation using only cardboard but outs. How is it used? This type of animation is used to create TV shows such as:
the older episodes of "South Park"
Angela Anaconda
The characters in "Blue's Clues"
The opening theme for "Monty Pythons flying circus" Steps to creating it: Examples Design a character
Sketch it
Give it colour
Break it into pieces
Animate it
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