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Kelly Lin

on 27 May 2010

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Transcript of Aztecs

Fall of the Aztecs Marina Zhang
Kelly Lin
Viki Gerova Warriors Bibliography Thank You Medicine Religion Timeline 1100 Aztecs left homeland in search of new home.
1195 Aztecs arrived in Valley of Mexico.
1250 Aztecs settled near Lake Texcoco.
1325 Tenochtitlan was founded. First temple built by
1350 Causeways built with canals.
1370 Tenoch, Aztec Priest-Ruler, died.
Aztecs ruled by Tepanecs.
1375 Acamapichtli becomes first ruler of Aztecs.
1400Tepanecs were defeated.
Aztecs expand and rule whole valley.
1428 Aztecs joined forces with Texcoco & Tlacopan formed Triple Alliance. Atzcapotzalco conquered.
1440 Moctezuma started rule.
1452 Tenochtitlan destroyed by flood. 1452-4 Famine.
1458 Moctezuma sent armies to conquer lands.
1469 Moctezuma I died.
1486 Ahuizotu became ruler.
1487Great Temple at Tenochtitlan dedicated.
Aztecs expanded southward into Mayan territories.
1502 Moctezuma II became ruler. Aztec Empire at height.
1519 Cortez comes to Mexico. Moctezuma II killed.
1520 Cuitlahuac elected ruler.
1521 Tenochtitlan destroyed.
1522 Tenochtitlan rebuilt, named Mexico City. Declared capital of Spanish colony of New Spain.
http://www.aztec - indians.com/aztec - warriors.html

Every able bodied boy was a soldier.
Soldiers were ordinary people.
Aztec soldiers were very young.
Purpose - take prisoners to sacrifice to their gods.
- expand land
Weapons were not very advanced and that led to the fall of the Aztecs.
Aztecs believed in many gods..
Many people were sacrificed to the gods.
The sacrifice would have taken place on an altar in a temple or pyrmids.
They created many enemies because of the sacrificial ritual
The sacrificial ritual caused a decrease in population

Medicinal arts of the Aztecs surpassed those of the best doctors of Europe at the time.
Based on the concept of spiritual healing and herbal healing.
The spaniards brought along the disease "small pox"
Approximately 25% of the population was lost to smallpox.
The Aztecs could not make a cure for small pox.
Slavery Most prisoners were sacrificed but if you had a certain talent, they would let you become a slave.
Poor people sold themselves into slavery
Some slaves had rights
Most slaves were treated badly
When the war started, many slaves joined Cortez to fight against their own

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