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I04 unit 11b reported statements

No description

Icpna la molina

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of I04 unit 11b reported statements

How to report what someone said using reported speech. Reported speech I have food poisoning. Farfan said that he had food poisoning To report what someone said (in the past) Reported speech: ...(Maria)..... said (that) He liked ceviche.

The teacher didn`t like sushi

We couldn`t enter the classroom.

They would come tomorrow.

Einstein was his hero.

Pepito was cooking dinner. Maria says: ^I am going to see a movie tonight.^

The man in the blue shirt says: "I sell the newspaper".

The teacher says: "You have to do the homework".

Your classmate says: "I have a letter for my grandmother. I will mail it tomorrow."

Your parents say to Pedritito: "Birds can fly, but you can`t!" Let`s practice What Farfan said is true in the PAST... so in reported speech we use the PAST tenses(past simple, past continuous, would/could, past perfect, etc.)
Farfan said "I have food poisoning." so Markarian says "HE said HE had food poisoning"
Also change possesives such as my -> his/her
our -> their Remember! Report these statements to your partner What did you lie about?
What did you say?
(How did the person find out?)
+ follow up questions! Did you ever get caught in a lie?/Have you ever told a lie? (Use reported speech)
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