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Romeo & Juliet Twitter Assgniment

No description

Caiu Moua

on 2 June 2015

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Transcript of Romeo & Juliet Twitter Assgniment

Tweet #1
Act 1; Scene 1
Don't get sad Romeo get glad!! #sike #he's #heartbroken
Tweet #4
Act 1; Scene 4
Why are people so attracted to trouble. Come on bro JUST DON'T DO IT #nike
Tweet #9
Tweet #11
Act 3; Scene 1
Everyones just dying now. *crying* #freemyboyRomeo
Tweet #17
Act 4; Scene 2
The big days is coming up! But Juliet won't even be there. #notsweet
Romeo & Juliet Twitter Assgniment
By: Caiu Moua
Tweet #2
Act 1; Scene 2
Alright! Costume party and Im going as Lebron James!! #hyped #imlebronjames
Tweet #3
Act1; Scene 3
Aww man forced weddings are just the best #mostfunever
Tweet #5
Tweet #6
Act 2; Scene 1
True definition of clowns is Mercutio and Benvolio #nochill
Tweet #7
Act 2; Scene 2
Nice. age 13, knew each other for one night, and now getting married. #nochill
Tweet #8
Act 2; Scene 3
Ohh Romeo got Roasted by the Friar #applycoldwatertotheburntarea
Act 2; Scene 4
The nurse is like a bounty hunter. She will come after you. #watchyourback
Tweet #10
Act 2; Scene 5
Juliet is on fire !!! #wooooo
Tweet #12
Act 3; Scene 2
Never seen something like that, its very unusual for someone to choose love over family.
Tweet #13
Act 3; Scene 3
At times cry but not like that Romeo. #unecessarybro
Tweet # 15
Act 3; Scene 5
Woah Juliet got told by her dad. No more starbucks for her.
Tweet #16
Act 4; Scene 1
Woah sneaky.......very very sneaky #crazy
Tweet #18
Act 4; Scene 3
That went 0-100 real quick. Like real real quick.
#anotheronehasfallen #kinda
Tweet #19
Act 4; Scene 5
Got some big time mourners is the Capulet family but Paris? Why you crying? You knew her for like 2 days.
Tweet #20
Act 5; Scene 1
There Romeo goes with all his crying again. He should really be more open minded
Tweet #14
Act 3; Scene 4
Got a wedding going up on a Thursday. #3moredays
Act 1; Scene 5
That would suck if my love is the daughter of my enemy. #nowimheartbroken
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